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The Institute for the Study of the Environment, Sustainability, and Energy (ESE) is a collaborative program to foster research, education, and community engagement about the environment and sustainability.

We offer two undergraduate degrees in environmental studies with six emphases: biodiversity and environmental restoration, energy studies, environmental policy, human experience, non-governmental organizations, and water science. We also offer a minor in environmental studies and a teacher certification program in environmental science.

Our programs are interdisciplinary - NIU faculty from several colleges teach courses in our undergraduate program and lead research programs. We encourage hands-on learning through for-credit internships and research projects. We also provide opportunities to be involved on-campus through our Green Living Community and native plant garden.

To learn more the ESE institute and our environmental studies degrees, contact our office today.

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  • Please consider donating to the ESE Institute (home of Environmental Studies). Here is information on how to contribute. Contributions will be used for student scholarships, program development, or your personal priority.
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