Consultation Services

What happens when a student goes to CSDC?

Students should be encouraged to attend a walk-in appointment at the CSDC. Our office is located in the Campus Life Building, Room 200. Students can also call the office at 815-753-1206 for more information about a walk-in appointment and the services we offer. Students are seen as soon as possible, although during periods of high demand there may be a delay. In emergency situations, however, a student will be seen immediately.

Students are asked to fill out confidential information forms before meeting with a counselor. During the initial consultation, the counselor will assess the student’s concerns and needs and decide if CSDC is the most appropriate place for the student to receive assistance. Students need to know that communication with us is confidential. We cannot discuss a student, his/her situation, or even the fact that counseling is being received at the CSDC without the student’s permission. The only exceptions to this are imminent suicide, homicide, or suspected child or elder abuse, and even in these circumstances disclosures are limited to those who can provide immediate assistance.

If the counselor and student agree that individual counseling is appropriate, the student can expect to see a counselor on a regular basis, usually weekly for approximately 50 minutes each session. Other service options include group counseling or referral to another campus or community agency. It is possible that the student may leave the initial appointment feeling able to handle the problem on his/her own. We cannot require a student to accept any suggestion we make unless our professional judgment indicates that psychiatric hospitalization is mandatory.