Forms and Reference Info

Forms and Reference Info

Budget Transfers:

Temporary Budget Transfer Form (for current-year changes only)

Permanent/Base Budget Transfer Form (for changes meant to permanently change a budget)


Completed forms should be emailed to the Budget Office.


Valid Budget Accounts (Revenues/Transfers/Expenditures) by Fund:

See table in Budget Transfer Instructions


Subclass (RAMP) Codes:  

Subclass (RAMP) Codes QuickList

Subclass (RAMP) Codes and Definitions


Budget Development/Reviews:

Reference Sheet


Cost Center Maintenance: 

Cost Center Information Form (for new cost centers, changes to current cost centers, and to add/remove cost center managers)


Completed forms should be emailed to the Budget Office.


PeopleSoft Reporting Trees: 

NIU tree  (cost centers hierarchy by organization structure)

NIU Bond Revenue tree  (Bond Revenue cost centers hierarchy by org. structure)


Budget Guidance:

FY19 Budget Development Guidance Documents (coming soon)