PAL Tutor Job Description

PAL Tutor Job Description

Provide academic assistance to NIU students, individually or in small groups.  Help students with study skills and course content.




*UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT at NIU (sophomore, Junior or Senior)
*Minimum of “A” or “B” in courses to be tutored
*Minimum Cum. GPA of 2.75 - 3.0 preferred
*Enrolled for a minimum of 6 credit hours at NIU
*Ability to tutor more than once course area


A positive attitude about helping students.  Sensitivity, understanding and the ability to relate to students with varying academic levels and needs.  Good Communication skills.



Attend mandatory 4 hours of training and all other assigned meetings
Meet with assigned students on time and be prepared to:

*Contact assigned students before initial meeting to arrange tutorial appointment
*Follow through on missed tutorial appointments and verify future sessions
*Work with assigned students on course content, study skills and self-concept

Establish clear lines of communication with students, PAL Assistant Director and other NIU staff as needed
Maintain accurate and complete tutoring records including

*Student absences
*Reports in the form of Tutoring Session Records Sheets
*Turn in Tutoring Session Record Sheets within payroll dates in order for time sheet to be completed

Maintain confidentiality of tutoring relationship

 Procedures for Hiring


*Application available on-line in MyNIU, under MyNIU Student System > NIU Customizations > NIU PAL Tutor Application

*Written reference form (2 required) available in PAL Office:  Williston Hall 100

*Tutor Applicants may be called for an interview appointment with the Assistant Director for PAL after application and reference are    submitted/reviewed.  (Hiring is based on student demand)

*Attend 4 hours of Tutor Training through our CRLA Certified Training Program


*Tutors are paid a minimum of $8.25 per hour (effective July 1, 2010)
*Tutors can work up to 20 hours per week
*Tutors must submit their tutoring work hours on Tutoring Session Record Sheets; Report to the PAL Office to sign Time Sheet; and are paid twice a month.


 PAL huskie

Williston 100. Phone (815) 753-0203
Or, for more information about this program, contact ACCESS - PAL Tutoring Program