Central Stores

Central Stores is responsible for the selling of items to the university for use by campus departments. Central Stores responsibilities include:

  • Selling office supplies to university departments
  • Selling commodities for Building and Food Services
  • Maintaining open orders with vendors for non-stock office supply items
  • Storing several forms, pamphlets, booklets and envelopes used by departments
  • Holding and Destroying Finance, Facilities, and Operations archives


4/16/2014 Notice:

We have recently experienced a server outage in our web ordering system.

If you placed an order(s) for stock items between 4/14 and 4/15, please contact us by phone to confirm your order.

If you placed an order(s) for non-stock items between  4/11 and 4/14, please contact us by phone to confirm your order.

Please do not re-enter any of these orders via the Central Stores ordering web site.

We apologize for any inconvenience.