Current Research Group

Current Group Members

Visiting Professors and Research Scientists
Vijayaraghavan Kalavakunda Vijayaraghavan Kalavakunda
Visiting Research Scientist

Associate Professor and a Visiting Raman Fellow with support from 21st century Obama–Singh knowledge exchange initiative, working on protein tagged liposomal encapsulation of boron compounds for BNCT in Dr. Hosmane's Group.

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Graduate Student Researchers
Eyrusalam Bedasso Eyrusalam Bedasso
Ph.D. Candidate

I received my Bachelor's Degree in May 2011 in chemistry from the University of Wisconsin—Madison. I started my graduate program at NIU and joined Dr. Hosmane's group in spring 2012. My research focuses on synthesis and functionalization of boron nanorods.
John Wozny John Wozny
Graduate Researcher

I received my Bachelor's of Science from Millikin University in August of 2009. I majored in Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry and after graduation I started working in the polymer industry. I am acting Research and Development Manager for Colors for Plastics, Inc. Shortly after joining Colors for Plastics, I started attending NIU in the Spring of 2012, as a part‐time student. In January of 2014, I joined Dr. Hosmane's research group and have focused my studies on the synthesis, characterization and functionalization of magnetic nanocomposites. I have been married to my beautiful and supporting wife Johanna Wozny for nine years. We have two daughters, Hailey and Natalya and expecting our third daughter in September of 2015.

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Visiting International Graduate Students

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Undergraduate Researchers
Manas Chug Manas Chug
Undergraduate Researcher

I am a Junior Biology Major with a Chemistry Minor working on the functionalization of the silica coated boron nano particles. I was always interested in cancer treatments, and when I learned more about Dr. Hosmane's research with BNCT I had to be a part of it! All this hands on work in the lab has thought me so much and is definitely going to be a valuable tool moving forward. I'm much honored to be a part of Dr. Hosmane's group and can't wait till next semester to continue my project!
Rebecca Dominguez Rebecca Dominguez
Undergraduate Researcher

I am a freshman at NIU and a Huskie Research Rookie. I am pursuing my Bachelor's in chemistry. I joined Dr. Hosmane's lab because I am interested in learning how the research process works. I am also interested in BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy) works and how it can be used to treat cancer.
Nicole Fisher Nicole Fisher
Undergraduate Researcher

My name is Nicole Fisher and I am currently in my fifth year at NIU. I am majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Biology.
Gabriela Fuentes Gabriela Fuentes
Undergraduate Researcher

My name is Gabriela Fuentes and I am currently a junior at NIU, I am majoring in Biology and double minoring in Chemistry and Spanish. I began working in Dr. Hosmane's lab in the fall 2015 academic semester and my research focuses on the synthesis of Boron Nitride Nanotubes. I plan to utilize my competitive nature and creativity in the lab and also look forward to learning from my instructors and peers.
Nathanielle Monique Guevarra Nathanielle Monique Guevarra
Undergraduate Researcher

I am Nathanielle Monique Guevarra, an undergraduate student an NIU pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry. I was born and raised in the Philippines and immigrated to America in 2007. I started working with Dr. Hosmane the fall of 2014, and I have learned so much from Dr. Hosmane. I am currently working on the projects related to synthesis of boron‐based nanomaterials.
Brianna Harper Brianna Harper
Undergraduate Researcher

This is Brianna Harper. I have joined Prof. Hosmane's research team as a Research Rookie. It will give me research experience and allow me to see what my field looks like and allow me to be a step ahead for graduate school. I am working on synthesis and functionalization of boron‐based magnetic nanoparticles. I like to read, watch movies, hangout with my friends and play noncompetitive sports. In my free time I am usually taking a break from homework which involves searching the web or watching television. One fun fact about me is that I lived in Texas for 10 years of my life before moving back to Illinois to take care of my grandparents.
Luc Kuzmanic Luc Kuzmanic
Undergraduate Researcher

My name is Luc Kuzmanic and I am a junior at NIU studying Biochemistry. I joined Dr. Hosmane's research group in summer 2015 and my project focuses on the use of liposomes in BCNT. Under the direction of Dr. Hosmane and the rest of his research group, I look forward to gaining invaluable experience in medicinal chemistry and the scientific process as a whole that will help prepare me for a career in medicine after I graduate from NIU.
Dmytro Lyutyk Dmytro Lyutyk
Undergraduate Researcher

I am Dmytro Lyutyk, and I am currently a sophomore at NIU. I am majoring in Biology and planning to attend med‐school after college. I will be working on Photo‐activated Styrene Star Polymers research.
Roxana Moraga Roxana Moraga
Undergraduate Researcher

My name is Roxana Moraga, and I am a junior Chemistry Pre‐Med major with a minor in Biology. This is my second year doing research, but my first semester working in Dr. Hosmane's lab. This year, my research will be focused on Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNTs) and their various biomedical applications.
Tu Nguyen Tu Nguyen
Undergraduate Researcher

I am Tu Nguyen, and I am currently a sophomore at NIU. I major in Biochemistry. I came to America two years ago as an international student. I am working in Dr.Hosmane's lab on the research of Boron Nitride Nanotubes.
Mark Nogalo Mark Nogalo
Undergraduate Researcher

Hi, my name is Mark Nogalo and I am a freshman attending Northern Illinois University. I am a Croatian‐American doing research under Dr. Narayan Hosmane about Boron Neutron Cancer Therapy. My project is the Synthesis and Characterization of Boron Biomolecules and I will be conducting research in the fall 2015 using different nucleic and amino acids as delivery agents, which need to be small enough for liposomes to encapsulate them.
Gina Poci Gina Poci
Undergraduate Researcher

I graduated from Loyola University Chicago in May 2013. I am trying to further her scientific knowledge by taking classes at NIU. Currently, I am working on the liposome project in Dr. Hosmane's lab.
Anthony Reporto Anthony Reporto
Undergraduate Researcher

I am Anthony Reporto, this is my fourth semester of research under Dr. Hosmane. I am a senior and my major is chemistry. My project will focus on the synthesis of star polymers and their applications.
Laetitia Tchetgna Laetitia Tchetgna
Undergraduate Researcher

I am Laetitia Tchetgna from Cameroon. I received my Associate of Applied Science in Math & Sciences from LaGuardia Community College in New York City. Currently, I am a senior student at NIU pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry. Joining Dr. Hosmane's research group this Fall—2015 is the turning point of the Pharmaceutical Scientist I plan on becoming. My project focuses on "The Fluorescent tagged core/shell Boron Nanoparticles" for a possible use in the Boron Neutron Capture Therapy.
Zubeda Vaid Zubeda Vaid
Undergraduate Researcher

My name is Zubeda Vaid and I'm a junior biomedical engineering major. I will be exploring the leeway of BNNT (boron neutron nanotubes) in spectronics. I look forward to learning a lot from his researching experience.

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Nicholas Inocencio Nicholas Inocencio

My name is Nicholas Inocencio, a resident of Sycamore and a student at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. When I met Dr. Hosmane in the summer after my sophomore year, I was inspired by his words of motivation. He has graciously allowed me to work in his lab on the synthesis of a thiadiazole derivative for use in BNCT to treat cancer.

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