Financial Resources

Financial Resources


How to Find Money to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a direct investment in your future. It requires advance planning, careful management, creativity and perseverance. Your personal, academic and professional rewards will last a lifetime! For many years, NIU students have studied abroad for NIU academic credit in many programs and universities around the world. Once a semester, our Business Office and Study Abroad Office hold "How to Find Money to Study Abroad" workshops, and a booklet on financial aid and scholarships is available in the Study Abroad Office. Contact us to find out when the next workshop will be held.

What it Costs to Study Abroad

Costs vary according to the program, the program's location, and the length of the program. Generally semester study abroad program costs (including tuition, room and board, and required student medical insurance) can range from $7,000-$14,000, depending on the program. 

NIU Administered (faculty directed) study abroad programs generally include tuition, room and board, required student international travel insurance, land transportation and personal expenses and can range from $2,500-$7,000, depending on the term and the type of program.

Careful planning may help you afford this invaluable experience. The need for careful planning is especially important when considering how to finance such a program. By planning your study abroad experience well in advance, you can maximize your chances of finding the right opportunity and the necessary financial support. We suggest allowing anywhere from 6 to 18 months for searching out possible sources and filling out applications. We will work with you to make it possible. Start with a budget of all your current on-campus costs: Include any trips during semester breaks, entertainment, gas, books, supplies, etc., and determine your annual budget. Use this amount as a baseline for comparison of costs abroad. Do not plan with the idea that you will find work abroad.

Remember that the program cost generally does not include things like airfare, travel expenses, personal expenses, books and supplies, passport and visa, etc. The Study Abroad Office can help you make a detailed budget for your study abroad.  

Ways To Find Quality Programs At Affordable Prices

It is virtually impossible to generalize about the costs of studying abroad. The questions you must ask in choosing a program and location must concern not only what it costs, but how you can afford it. The Study Abroad Office will help you with all our available resources to make a sound decision.