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Study Abroad at NIU

Study Abroad at NIU

Search & Apply for a Study Abroad Program! 

NIU provides study abroad opportunities that:

  • Suit any major
  • Include 75 different countries
  • Fit any schedule, from 10 days to a full academic year
  • Cost less than you might think

Why Study Abroad?

More and more employers are recognizing the benefits of hiring people who exhibit exceptional sensitivity to and understanding of different cultures. Study abroad programs are an exciting and engaging way to foster the development of these increasingly crucial intellectual and interpersonal skills, and the benefits span far beyond the workplace. Becoming a global citizen will transform the way  you see the world in a way that makes you highly desirable to potential employers, while deeply enriching your personal life. You can make a lifetime’s worth of incredible memories in just one semester abroad and can form lifelong bonds with fellow participants. 

Why Study Abroad at NIU?

NIU’s study abroad programs accommodate every major and every schedule, with lengths ranging from 10 days to full academic years. From Cambodia to Costa Rica and Belgium to Botswana, you have 75 countries to choose from when searching for a program to fit your personal and professional interests. And perhaps most importantly, , studying abroad through NIU can be made affordable through financial aid and scholarships.

If you are interested in studying abroad, you can browse through our website to find out more about our programs, but remember that our staff is by far your best resource! Please stop by our office or contact us for information.

Study Abroad 101

If you want to learn more about study abroad programs at NIU, you are invited to attend one of our Study Abroad 101 sessions where the Study Abroad Office will be available to answer your questions. They take place every Wednesday and Thursday at 3:30 pm  in Williston 417.

Presentation Request Form

Complete the Presentation Request Form to have a Study Abroad representative present to your class, group, or student organization!

Passport Photos Now Available in the Study Abroad Office

Photos can be taken in the Study Abroad Office during regular business hours.

2 Photos for $5.00
4 Photos for $10.00