Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science

In a world driven by data, students studying statistics and actuarial sciences are in demand. The numerous career opportunities awaiting you will span diverse sectors of our economy – industry, research and government.

Statisticians collect and analyze data and help solve real-world problems in business, engineering, education, healthcare, the sciences, and other fields. There are many opportunities to apply your knowledge!

Actuaries have a strong foundation in mathematical sciences who evaluate financial risk. They are commonly found in the insurance and financial services industry, but a large number of corporations employ actuaries as trusted members for growth and expansion.

Being an actuary brings with it a top salary and flexibility. Between your education, passing certification exams and job experience you will be building skills that are transferable across multiple industries.


NIU students in the actuarial science program can pass up to five professional exams before graduating.

Most statistics/actuarial science students are in professional positions 90 days after graduation.

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Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science
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