Responsible Conduct in Data Management
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Responsible Conduct in Research Mentoring topics

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  • Overview of Mentor and Trainee Responsibilities -- This topic provides an overview of the mentor-trainee         relationship and its importance to the responsible conduct of research.
  • Need for Mentoring -- This topic describes a justification for the mentor-trainee relationship.
  • Expectations, Goals, Objectives -- This topic describes issues related to clarifying expectations for both         mentor and trainee.
  • Establishing the Relationship -- This topic details issues of initiating the relationship, including selection         criteria, characteristics, roles, and responsibilities, and a memorandum of understanding.
  • Working Together -- This topic describes issues tying role responsibilities to associated activities.
  • Identifying Challenges -- This topic describes challenges that compromise the mentor-train relationship.
  • Lessons Learned -- This topic describes how lessons learned from studies of the mentoring relationship         can be used to improve both the quality of the relationship.

  • Transition to Independent Researcher -- This topic discusses the developmental nature of the mentor-        trainee relationship, from the initiation of the novice to separation of the independent researcher.