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Responsible Conduct of Research
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Welcome to the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) website at Northern Illinois University. This website contains online modules on RCR topics developed with the support of RCR Education Grants awarded by the Office of Research Integrity to the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center at Northern Illinois University.

The users can select the appropriate link to view the following RCR core area topics: Data Management, Collaborative Research, Research Mentoring, Peer Review, and Authorship. At this time, it is required that both the html and flash versions of these modules be viewed in Internet Explorer 8.0 and above. It is also essential to disable all popup blockers or add the website address to Trusted Sites. Your PC should have the Adobe Flash Player 10. Click here to download the free Flash Player from the Adobe Flash Player website

Data Management
Research Mentoring
Collaborative Research
Peer Review
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