Responsible Conduct in Data Management
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Responsible Conduct in Collaborative Research topics

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  • Overview -- This topic provides an overview of the collaborative research relationship and its importance to     the responsible conduct of research.
  • Need for Collaboration -- This topic describes the justification for establishing the collaborative research     relationship.
  • Types and Format -- This topic describes various collaborative relationships configurations.
  • Stages of Collaboration -- This topic details research issues occurring at various stages of collaborative      relationship.
  • Establishing the Relationship -- This topic details issues researchers should be aware of when initiating the      relationship.
  • Working Together -- This topic describes issues tying role responsibilities to associated activities.
  • Identifying/Resolving Challenges --This topic describes challenges that compromise collaborative research     and offers strategies to resolve them.
  • Concluding or Continuing -- This topic discusses the issues involved in the decision to conclude or     continue the relationship.