We strongly encourage you to enroll in an internship during the course of your studies at Northern Illinois University. The internship allows students to earn course credit while gaining valuable professional experience.

Participating in an internship gives students a special opportunity to:

  • Apply classroom knowledge to a professional work environment
  • Gain valuable political experience that will look great on a resume
  • Sample different career options in a specific professional area of interest
  • Make valuable connections that could lead to a permanent position

The department supports the Washington D.C. Summer Congressional Internship Program. We also help facilitate internships with the FTI Consulting and the Washington Center.

The department also sponsors several campus internships, including ones in the following offices:

Outside campus, other opportunities may include internships with:

  • Congressional and state legislative offices
  • Local, state, and federal government offices
  • State's Attorney and public defender offices
  • Political campaigns for national, state and local offices
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Public interest law firms
  • Interest groups

Students looking for political science internship advice and career opportunities should contact April Clark, Ph.D., at or 815-753-7055. Students are also encouraged to regularly check the department’s social media pages.