IAM Excellence

  • A Tale of Donkeys and Elephants: Satire with the Wink of a Fox, NIU Art Museum, 2017
  • Focus: School of Art and Design Sabbatical Exhibition (catalog award), Jack Olson Gallery, 2016
  • Beyond Gatsby: Common Luxury in American Art Deco, NIU Art Museum 2016
  • Focus: SoAD Sabbatical Exhibition (catalog award), Jack Olson Gallery, 2016
  • Mapping: Measuring Across Place and Period, NIU Art Museum, 2013
  • The Golden Age of Wordless Novels and Artist Illustrated Books: 1917 - 1951, NIU Art Museum, 2012
  • Inked: Tattoo Imagery in Contemporary Art Exhibit (catalog award), Jack Olson Gallery, 2012
  • Music to My Eyes: Musical Instruments as Works of Art, NIU Art Museum, 2011
  • Coming of Age: The WPA/FAP Graphic Art Division and the American Print, NIU Art Museum, 2010
  • Moonlight Cocktails Are the Thing, NIU Art Museum, 2009

IAM Superior

  • Trowels and Fair Trade: Revealing the Underground Railroad and Contemporary Slavery, Pick Museum of Anthropology, 2013
  • Inked: Tattoo Imagery in Contemporary Art, Jack Olson Gallery, 2012
  • Examining Audubon, NIU Art Museum, 2008

IAM Merit

  • Rise: Symbols of Protest, Jack Olson Gallery, 2018
  • Across Space and Time: Cultural Perseverance of Indian Heritage NIU Art Museum, 2018
  • Rise: Symbols of Protest (catalog award), Jack Olson Gallery, 2018
  • Easy as Pie, Jack Olson Gallery, 2017
  • Strange Days: Vinyl Aesthetic of the Psychedelic Era, Jack Olson Gallery, 2016
  • Brewing Identity: The Art of Craft Beer (catalog award), Jack Olson Gallery, 2015
  • Looting, Hoarding, Collecting... Repatriation and Museums, NIU Art Museum, 2014
  • Tagged: Exploring Modern Graffiti, Jack Olson Gallery, 2013

IAM Anniversary Award

  • The Anthropology Museum at NIU, Anniversary: Gold (50 years), 2015

IAM Graduate Student of the Year

  • Carmin Berchiolly, 2018
  • Adina Salmansohn, 2017
  • Steven Jankiewicz, 2016
  • Michelle Stewart, 2015
  • Alison Balcanoff Bastian, 2014
  • Ashlee Craig, 2013
  • Agnes Ma, 2012

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