Our Charge from President Freeman

The Mission Review and Revision Working Group is composed of members from shared governance bodies with responsibilities to periodically review and update the university mission for NIU. I am charging this group with the timely review and revision, as needed, of the university vision, mission and values (last updated in 2012) to better align with the current culture and course of the university.

As such, you are being entrusted with this important task which will result in the university vision, mission and values that will serve as the foundation for our upcoming strategic planning efforts, guide our path as we undertake a new facilities master plan and provide alignment with key initiatives already underway at NIU (e.g., enrollment planning and the closing of equity gaps).

The task is to include a two-week feedback period for comment by the university community and should be completed in time for presentation to the NIU Board of Trustees meeting in March 2019.

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Shanthi Muthuswamy, Ph.D.
Holly Nicholson
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