Laurence B. Lurio


Laurence B. Lurio
Presidential Teaching Professor 
Department of Physics

B.A. Columbia University (1985)
Ph.D. Harvard University (1992)
Postdoctoral Fellowships: Rennselaer (1992) MIT (1995)

Laurence B. Lurio

My research program focuses on condensed matter physics; in particular, x-ray based studies of the structure and dynamics of soft matter and biomaterials. Recent systems that have been of interest are diffusion within concentrated protein suspensions and the structure and self-organization of phospholipid membranes. I am one of the pioneers of using coherent x-ray scattering to measure dynamics via the technique of x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy. This technique measures the thermal motion of materials via time correlation of sequences of coherent x-ray scattering images.

Honors Faculty Fellow (2021-2022)

As an Honors Faculty Fellow, Professor Lurio will teach a seminar on the Physics of Sports in spring 2022 in the University Honors Program. The Honors Faculty Fellowship program identifies faculty eager to teach innovative, exciting seminars of interest to highly-motivated students from across the university