Human Speech Kinematics Experimental Studies (HUSKIES) Lab

The HUSKIES Lab explores language learning in autistic and non-autistic children. As our name suggests, some of our studies use unique methods of capturing language, such as speech kinematic measures (for example, lip and jaw movement), during learning. In addition to exploring motor movements of the mouth, we also have studies where we measure other gross motor features. In particular, we explore balance and hand coordination. 

Our focus is learning about differences in language learning mechanisms and motor development in neurodiverse children, with the ultimate goal of improving speech and language interventions for these children.

Inside the HUSKIES Lab at the Northern Illinois University Speech-Language Hearing Clinic

Huskie puppet wearing IREDs to track lip and jaw
movement (3D Investigator, Northern Digital Inc.)


Contact Us

NIU Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic
3100 Sycamore Road
DeKalb, IL 60115
Parking for families participating in research is the front row of spaces labeled "Guest Parking."