Getting Involved with the HAPL

Good research cannot take place without individuals to participate. Therefore, we need your help! There are several studies currently being undertaken in the HAPL. They are divided up into short and long-term studies and capstone projects. 

Short-Term Studies

These studies involve one session ranging in length from 1-2 hours (depending on the study).

  • Currently seeking participants to help scientists better understand why individuals report trouble understanding sounds, like speech, in noisy environments following concussion. Complete details here.

Long-Term Study

Involves multiple sessions that are approximately 2 hours in length. Sessions are spread out across a number of weeks

  • There are no current long-term studies.

Capstone Projects

We also have studies that are being conducted by some of our graduate students. 

These studies are not necessarily concussion-focused and are seeking participants from a variety of populations

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