Danish Clarinet Repertoire

Published and unpublished scores from the National (Royal) Library, Copenhagen; Institute of Musicology, University of Copenhagen; Music Museum, Copenhagen; State and University Library, Aarhus; and private collections.

Compiled in March 2008

Music for Eb, Bb, A, basset clarinet, basset horn and bass clarinet is possibly included in each category.
Grading difficulty scale is from 1 to 6.

Information about Danish Music



  • Hansen - Edition Wilhelm Hansen, Copenhagen
  • Samfundet - The Society for the Publication of Danish Music, Copenhagen
  • Skandinavisk - Skandinavisk Musikforlag, Copenhagen

Jørn Nielsen, Danish Clarinet Society, has established a publishing house, Denner Edition, for some previously unpublished manuscripts such as the Clarinet Quintet by Rudolph Simonsen.


  • Bentzon, Jørgen   Tema med Variationer for solo clarinet, Op. 14  1926
    Andante/Più mosso/Capriccioso/Giocoso/Dolce Andante/Con spirito/Espressivo/Allegro vivace/
    Andante maestoso
    Cl part is four pages.
    Chrom. Gr. 4 1928   Hansen
    Dedicated to Aage Oxenvad.  Recorded by John Kruse, clarinetist, Royal Danish Orchestra.
  • Berg, Gunnar  Quatre aspects et trois mouvements, version I  1957
    Manuscript is 10 pages.
    Atonal  Gr. 6  Bb Cl
  • Berg, Gunnar   Quatre aspects et trois mouvements, version II  1961
    Manuscript is 6 pages.
    Atonal  Gr. 5  Bb Cl
  • Bjerre, Jens   Riflessione for Solo-Klarinet i B   1964/65
    Manuscript is four pages.
    Atonal  Gr. 5
    For Ib Eriksson.
  • Bjerre, Jens   Sonate for Solo-Klarinet  1955
  • Callesen, Jan Thor  MARAT for solo klarinet in Bb  1995
    Clarinet part is four pages.
    Atonal  Gr. 5  Bb Cl 
    Lives on Langeland, island southeast of Funen.  Written for art exhibit.
  • Fundal, Karsten   Woven Lines for clarinet solo   1993
    Lento molto, poco rubato e parlando/Piu mosso/Allegro/Tempo I ma un poco piu mosso/
    Allegro molto, sempre molto leggiero/Lento subito/Parlando/Allegro/Allegro molto/
    Presto egalissimo/Streeto possibile
    Score is three pages.
    Atonal  Gr. 6  1994
    Composed for Kari Kriikku.
  • Holmen, Jexper   Darkbloom for clarinet in A and live electronics  2004
    Monotone, very slowly
    Chrom.  Gr. 6 A Cl   Samfundet
    Clarinet sound passes through a harmonizer adding two pitches: perfect fifth above and major sixth below. Very quiet piece. Ending exceeds high range of clarinet; could be played in a lower octave.
  • Kjærbye, Kuno   2 Stykker for B-Klarinet   1999-2001
  • Koppel, Anders   Caprice for solo clarinet in A or Bb  2004
    Andante/Vivo/Tempo I/Vivo/Tempo I/Stretta, più mosso/Vivo/Tempo I
    Tonal   Gr. 6 Bb or A   Hansen  2005
    Composed for 3rd Carl Nielsen International Clarinet Competition, 2005.
    Edited by John Kruse.  Anders is clarinet-playing son of Herman D. Koppel.
  • Koppel, Herman D.   Fantasi for Clarinet Solo, Op. 44  1947
    Bb Cl
    For Poul Allin Erichsen.
  • Koppel, Herman D.   Musik til Chr. IV's Bygningsværk  1941
    For theatre or film.
    Koppel lived 1908-98.
  • Koppel, Herman D.   Musik til Korn  1942
    Film music.
  • Koppel, Herman D.   Musik til De pokkers Unger  1947
    Film music.
  • Koppel, Herman D.   Musik til Kondoren  1947
    Film music.
  • Koppel, Herman D.  Musik til Polens Børn  1947
    Film music.
  • Koppel, Herman D.  Thoughts  1990
  • Koppel, Thomas   Fantasi for clarinet solo  1961
    Allegro moderato
    Gr. 5
    For Anders Koppel.
  • Koppel, Thomas   Per il Clarinetto  1962
    Bb or A Cl
  • Koppel, Thomas   Tre cadenze con una coda per il clarinetto solo, Op. 2  1962
    Bb Cl
    For Anders Koppel.
  • Larsen, Svend   Tre Stykker for Klarinet Solo   1990
    Three movements.
    Manuscript is four pages.
    Atonal  Gr. 5
    Recommended by Jørn Nielsen.
  • Lorentzen, Bent   Diamond for Solo Clarinet in Bb  1983
    Chrom.  Gr. 6  Bb Cl   Hansen
    Includes brief multiphonic and slap tongue passages. Commissioned by Gerald Errante.
  • Nielsen, Tage   Uccelli, 5 pezzi per clarinetto solo   1992
    I. Flessible  II. Quasi cadenza  III. Cantabile  IV. Con rigore  V. Semplice
    Atonal  Gr. 5  A Cl   Samfundet
    Dedicated to Karen Ascani.
  • Nordstrøm, Hans-Henrik   Fara from Við 1996
    Four pages.
    Written for Anna Klett 
  • Nørgård, Per   I hexeringen - og udenfor [Within the Fairy Ring - and Out of It]  1999
    for Clarinet in B
    Con moto/Piu Tranquillo/Senza misura/Lento á comminciáre/poco accel. sempre/Tempo primo
    153 measures
    Atonal  Gr. 5   Hansen
    Composed for Anna Klett. Nørgård recommends playing I hexeringen - og udenfor followed by companion piece Letters of Grass for clarinet and Piano.
  • Nørholm, Ib   A Song of Breath and Wings  2002
    Written for Jens Schou.
  • Pape, Andy   Searching  2001
    7' Hansen
    Compulsory work for 2nd International Carl Nielsen Clarinet Competition, 2001.
  • Rejle, Staffan   Dance at the Corner -Scène grotesque  2003
    Liberamente ed appassionato
    78 measures
    Atonal  Gr. 5
    Composed for Niels Thomsen. For basset clarinet.
  • Rise, Indra   Out of the Darkness for clarinet in A solo(version II)  1994/97
    I. quarter=60, molto rubato/quarter=120/etc.  II. eighth=90
    c. 12'
    Atonal  Gr. 5  A Cl   Samfundet
    Flutter tongue, slap tongue, hum while playing. Also a version for alto saxophone.
  • Roikjer, Kjell   Monolog og Perpetuum Mobile for Klarinet Solo Op. 43c  1982
    Manuscript is two pages.
    Chrom.  Gr. 5
    Part of Op. 43 Rem Solo Stykker (Five Solo Pieces); other pieces for fl,ob,hrn,bssn.
    Written for Kaj Borup Frederiksen.
  • Rovsing-Olsen, Poul   Pans Drøm, Suite for solo clarinet in A, Op. 42  1959
    I. Prolog  II. Pastorale  III. Capriccio  IV. Rondo  V. Epilog
    Chrom.  Gr. 5  A Cl 
    Dedicated to Arne Møller former principal clarinet Royal Danish Orchestra.
  • Ruders, Poul   Tattoo for One (A Drill for Solo Clarinet)   1984; Tattoo for Three (1984) for clarinet, cello, piano
    Quick and springy
    Atonal  Gr. 6  Bb Cl   Hansen   1996
    Dedicated to Mette Bugge Madsen. Recorded by John Kruse, clarinetist, Royal Danish Orchestra. Edited by John Kruse. Can be considered a preparatory work for 1985 Clarinet Concerto. Compulsory work for 1st International Carl Nielsen Clarinet Competition, 1997.
  • Sørenson, Bent   Impromptu For Solo-klarinet
    Manuscript at Royal Library.
  • Sørenson, Bent   Songs of the Decaying Garden   1986/1992
    Andantino con delicatezza. Allegretto maniaco. Calmo, molto dolce
    Score is six pages.
    Atonal  Gr. 6  Bb Cl   Hansen
    Some quarter tones and flutter tongue. First version titled Impromptu; it is unpublished and not to be performed. Recorded by John Kruse, clarinetist, Royal Danish Orchestra.
  • Sørenson, Bent   Troll-Playing/Troldspil  1982
    Recorded by John Kruse, clarinetist, Royal Danish Orchestra.
  • Weis, Fleming   Tre Stykker for Klarinet    ca. 1930
    I. quarter=96 II. Scherzando III. Molto Allegro
    Score is four pages.
    Chromatic  Gr. 4
    Manuscript at Royal Library. Studied clarinet with Aage Oxenvad.

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  • Agersnap, Harald   Suite for pour Piano et Clarinet in A  1922-1924
    Four movements.
    Royal Library has working draft, some in colored pencil and fair copy. Clarinet part in score is in Bb and A. Separate clarinet part is in A.
    Written for Aage Oxenvad.  Nice piece. Agersnap lived from 1899-1982.
  • Bentzon, Jørgen   Kammerkonzert No. 3 for Kl solo og mindre orkester, Op 39  1941
    Three movements. 
    Clarinet part is 8 pages.
    Gr. 4   Samfundet, Edition Dania (pn reduction)  1943
    Written for Aage Oxenvad. Recorded by John Kruse, clarinetist, Royal Danish Orchestra.
  • Bentzon, Niels Viggo   Sonata for Clarinet and Piano, Op. 63   1950
    Allegro. Largo. Rondo allegro
    Bb Cl   Hansen
    Recommended. Composed for clarinetist Ib Eriksson.  Bentzon is great-grandson of J.P.E. Hartmann (1805-1900).  N.V. Bentzon is cousin of Jørgen Bentzon (1897-1951).
  • Bjerre, Jens   Fire etyder for klarinet i B med let klaverakkompagnement  1976
    Score is six pages.
    "For Anders"
  • Brødsgaard, Anders   Blackbird
    Maybe Hansen or Samfundet
  • Christiansen, Christian   Preghiera for Klarinet og klaver    1944
    Manuscript at Royal Library. Pianist and friend of Carl Nielsen.
  • Christensen, Simon   Grace, 2 Movements for Clarinet and Piano  2000-01
    I. begins quarter=112, then many tempo changes including tempo modulations. II. eighth=160, then several tempo modulations. 
    c. 25'
    Atonal  A Cl   Samfundet
    Dedicated to klettWood (Anna Klett, cl.; Deborah Wood, piano). One section preferably performed with circular breathing.
  • Christiansen, Henning   Det forsømte forår, Op. 93  
    I. Maltbolsje -Allegro moderato/Andante. II. Mogensen - grand old man -Andantino grazioso. III. Amsteds barnesko -Allegretto danzare. IV. Den sorte hånd -Grave. V. Hurrycane (sic) -Allegretto (skotsk tweed)
    125 measures
    Chrom.  Gr. 4   Bb Cl   Edition Egtved   1978
  • Fievé, Peter   Sonate for klarinet og klaver, Op. 3   1979
  • Gade, Niels W.   Fantasistykker, Op. 43
    I. Andantino con moto II. Allegro vivace III. Ballade IV. Allegro molto vivace
    Tonal  Gr. 3  Bb Cl   Hansen
  • Hansen, Laurits   Sonate for Klarinet og Piano   1931-32
    I. Allegro moderato  II. Molto tranquillo/Vivo/Molto tranquillo III. Allegro
    Chrom.   Bb and A Cl
  • Hodkinson, Juliana   Stills   2001
    Written for duo klettWood, Anna Klett, clarinet and Deborah Wood, piano.
  • Holmboe, Vagn   Capriccio per Clarinetto e Piano, Op. 177  1988
  • Holmboe, Vagn  (Clarinet Sonata?)
    Recommended by John Kruse, clarinetist, Royal Danish Orchestra.
    Holmboe (1909-1996) was one of the most prominant Danish composers in the 20th century. He wrote many chamber works with clarinet.
  • Høgenhaven, Knud   Promenade musicale d'un berger clarinettiste dans les Pyrénées pour clarinette et piano, Op. 89    1980
  • Jørgensen, Klaus Ib   Goblin Dance (Moon-silence)for Clarinet and Piano  2005
    I. Goblin Dance: quarter=72/Senza misura/Dancing/relatively fast(nervous!)  II. Aria: open form  III. Moon-silence: quarter=54-56 Rigoroso
    Atonal  Gr. 6  Bb Cl   Samfundet
    Part of larger cycle, Moon-pain, for mezzo soprano and chamber ensemble. Includes flutter tongue, slap tongue, multiphonics. Much of first movement and all of last movement is very quiet.
  • Koppel, Herman D.   Duo concertante, Op. 113   1984
    Clarinet part is 13 pages.
    Chrom.  Gr. 5  A Cl
    Written for August 1985 Festival of Danish Music at Royal Danish Conservatory.
  • Koppel, Herman D.   Koncert for Klarinet og Kammerorkester, Op. 35  1941
    Three movements.
    Clarinet part is 12 pages.
    Tonal  Gr. 5   A Cl   Skandinavisk  1951
    Written for Aage Oxenvad.
  • Koppel, Herman D.  Variations pour Clarinette Sib et Piano, Op. 72  1961
    One movement.
    Atonal  Gr. 5  Bb Cl   Leduc & Cie  1962
    Composed for clarinetist son, Anders Koppel. Recorded by John Kruse, clarinetist, Royal Danish Orchestra.
  • Koppel, Thomas   Phantasie for clarinet i B og klaver  1960
  • Linvald, Gunde   Sonatine for clarinet i B og klaver, Op. 43
  • Lorentzen, Bent   Warszawa for Bb Bass Clarinet and Piano  1983
    senza misura/quarter=54/senza misura, etc.
    Atonal   Gr. 6+   Hansen
    Uses extreme altissimo with teeth on reed, air sound with flutter tongue, some multiphonics. At end uses guitar string strung under piano strings. Written for Jens Schou. Version B for Eb Alto Saxophone and Piano, 1989.
  • Nielsen, Carl   Fantasistykke    c. 1881 
    Andante cantible/Allegro agitato 
    51 measures
    Tonal   Gr. 3  Bb Cl   Hansen   1981
    Nielsen wrote: "I was not restricted (limited, bound) by form."
  • Nielsen, Carl   Koncert for Klarinet og Orchestra, Op. 57   1928 
    Version for clarinet and piano
    Allegretto un poco/Allegro non troppo/Tempo I/Poco Adagio/Allegro non troppo/Adagio/
    Allegro vivace/Tempo I/Poco Adagio/Allegro 
    Chrom.   Gr. 6   A Cl   Samfundet  1984
    Dedicated to Aage Oxenvad.
  • Nielsen, Tage   A Winter's Tale    1994
    A Cl
    Tage Nielsen is former Director of Aarhus Conservatory.
  • Nørgård, Per   Cao Shu (Græsskrift) (Letters of Grass) for Klarinet og Klaver  1992-93
    10 page score.
    Chrom./atonal  Gr. 5   Hansen
    Mulitphonics. Written for Jens Schou and Erik Kaltoft.
  • Olesen, Thomas Agerfeld   Nordrhein-Westfalen   2005
    Recommended by Anna Klett.
  • Olsen, Poul Rovsing   To stykker for klarinet og klaver  1943
  • Oxenvad, Aage   Sonate for Klarinet og Klaver
    I. Allegro (may be a complete movement.)
    Clarinetist for whom Carl Nielsen and many others composed.
    Manuscript at Royal Library. Sonata is unfinished.
  • Parsbæk, Dan   Sonatine for Klarinet og Piano, Op. 3   1944 
    I. Introduction for Klaronet og Piano  II. Romance  III. Scherzo
    Score is 20 pages.
    Tonal  Gr. 4  
  • Plætner, Jørgen   Sonate for klarinet og klaver, Op. 93  2000-01
    Five movements.
    Score (in C) is 53 pages, computer engraved.
  • Prytz, Holger   Sonate for klarinet og klaver, Op. 2  1961
  • Roikjer, Kjell   Suite for klarinet og klaver, Op. 44   1950,52?/1956
    For Stig Heinesen.
  • Ronnefeld, Matthias   Sonatine, Op. 12 for clarinet in B flat and piano  1984
    I. eighth=120/Poco più vivo/Calmo/Senza misura, etc.  II. quarter=56  III. quarter=144-176
    Atonal   Gr. 6   Bb Cl   Samfundet   2004
    Includes flutter tongue, a few quarter tones, glissandi. In second movement clarinetist tunes 1/4 tone flat. In III., clarinetist operates Wittner Mini-taktell metronome and aspirates syllables into clarinet without mouthpiece. Pianist does some playing inside piano. Commissioned by der Gesellschaft für neue Musik e.V., Mannheim.
  • Rovsing-Olsen, Poul   To stykker for klarinet og klaver, op. 2  1943(1960)
    Two movements.
    14 page score.
    Quartal  Gr. 5  A Cl  Manuscript score in library of Royal Conservatory.
  • Ruders, Poul   Throne for Clarinet and Piano   1988
    One movement.
    Score is seven pages.
    Tonal   Bb Cl   Hansen
    Commissioned by Concert Artists Guild for Håkon Rosenberg.  Throne is Elevation, Unity, Diamonds, Crown, Glory, Velvet, Frailty, Decline, Oblivian, Nothing. Recorded by John Kruse, clarinetist, Royal Danish Orchestra.
  • Sehested, Hilda   Intermezzo pastorale   1910
    (1858-1936) Had a teacher in common with Carl Nielsen.
  • Steen, Pade   5 stykker for Clarinet og Pianoforte, Op. 5  1976
    Score is 10 pages.
    A Cl
    Director of Royal Danish Conservatory until c. 2004.
  • Weis, Flemming   Sonate for Klarinet og Klaver   1928, 1931 (?)
    Allegro agitato. Molto adagio. Allegretto scherzando/Grazioso
    Chrom.  Gr. 4  A Cl   Samfundet   1935
    Neoclassical. Studied clarinet with Aage Oxenvad.
  • Winding, August Hendrick  Drei Phantasiestücke for Violin or Clarinet and Piano
    Allegro moderato. Allegretto. Vivace non troppo.
    Tonal  Gr. 4   Bb Cl   
  • Barfoed, Søren   Two Pieces for Two Flutes or other instruments ad. libitum, Op. 8
    Two movements.
    8 pages.
    Chrom.  Gr. 5   Samfundet   1980
    Mixed meter.  Second movement in unison.
  • Bentzon, Jørgen   Intermezzo for Clarinet and Violin, Op. 24  1934
    Six pages.
    Tonal  Gr. 4  Bb Cl   Hansen 
    Nice piece. 
  • Berg, Gunnar   Pour Clarinette et Violon   1959
    I. eighth=120  II. ___  III. ___  IV. ___  V. ___  VI. ___  VII. ___  VIII. ___
    Atonal   Gr. 5   Bb Cl   Samfundet   1962
    Some flutter tongue.
  • Berg, Gunnar   Sonate for fløjte og clarinet   1942-44
    Score is 12 pages.
    Atonal  Gr. 6  Bb Cl    Paris, 1951
  • Bjernos, Erling D.   Tre stykker for klarinet og klaver, Op. 64   1963
  • Bjerre, Jens   Syv Kroki for Obo og Klarinet   1962
    Score is nine pages.
    For Paul Tofte-Hansen and Ib Erikkson.
  • Bjerre, Jens   Variationer for Fløjte og Klarinet   1978
    Written for Shakespeare's "Suk ikke mere for nogen Mand" fra "Stor Ståhej for ingenting"
  • Blak, Kristian   Dialogue
    Score is eight pages.
    Atonal  Gr. 5     1993
    Blak is from the Faeroe Islands.  Highly recommended by clarinetist Christa Danielsen.
  • Christensen, Mogens   Millioner af ofre i Europas byer   1985
    Soprano and clarinet.
    Score is 5 pages.
    Gr. 5  Bb Cl
    Lento, 38 measures. Text by Ole Sarvig.
  • Christiansen, Christian   ? for Klarinet og bratsch
    Manuscript at Royal Library. Pianist and friend of Carl Nielsen.
  • Colding-Jørgensen, Henrik   Enfance II     1983
    Mezzo sop./bass cl.
    Score is six pages.
    Atonal  Gr. 5
    Text in French by Arthur Rimbaud.
  • Colding-Jørgensen, Henrik   Suite à deux    1971
    Seven short movements.
    Score is 15 pages.
    Atonal  Gr. 6   Danish Music Information Center
    Some proportional notation. Dedicated to Peter og Birgitte.
  • Green, Ole-Carsten   Coincidences, Op. 71   1981
    Five short movements.
    Score is six pages.
    Chrom.  Gr. 4  Bb Cl
  • Hamerik, Ebbe   "Dialogue" pour Hautbois et Clarinette
    Score is 7 pages.
    Manuscript at Royal Library. Good piece.
  • Hansen, Johannes   A piece of wreckage, Op. 143
    cl, tuba
    Bb Cl
  • Hansen, Laurits   Sonatine for Klarinet og Fagot   1931
    I. Allegro  II. Lento  III. Allegro vivace
    Score is 21 pages.
    Chrom.  Gr. 6 Bb and A Cl
    Manuscript at Royal Library.
  • Holmboe, Vagn   Rhapsody    1936
  • Høffding, Finn   Dialoger for Obo og Klarinet, Op. 10   1927
    I. Conversazione semplice, Moderato  II. Conversazione serioso, Tranquillo III. Altercazione, Allegro ma non molto IV. Conversazione sublime, Lento molto espressivo V. Conversazione gaia, Rondo finale, Allegro non troppo, ma sfrenato
    c. 9'
    Atonal  Gr. 4  Bb Cl   Hansen and Skandinavisk 1944
    Neoclassical. Well-known, nice piece.
  • Jørgensen, Erik   Sonatine for klarinet og fagot   1942
  • Koppel, Herman D.   Duo for klarinet og fagot, Op. 14  1932
    Written for Aage Oxenvad.
  • Maegaard, Jan   Pastorale for 2 clarinets in A   1976
    Andante/Molto tranquillo, quasi adagio/Allegretto/Adagio/Allegro
    Each part is 4 pages; score is 6.
    Atonal   Gr. 4  A Cls   Edition Egtved   1978
    Equal parts, easy rhythm.
  • Møller, Svend-Ove   Suite for clarinet og orgel, Op. 45   1943
    For Aksel Munk.
  • Nielsen, Thorvald   Strofer til "Sappho" for Clarinet and Harp  1959
    Seven short movements.
    Tonal  Gr. 3  Bb Cl 
  • Olsen, Morten   I repeat myself under stress, I re...
    Eb cl/accordion
    Originally for soprano recorder and accordion.  Eb clarinet version written for Anna Klett.
  • Pade, Else Marie   Fire anonyme sange   1955
    Alto voice, cl
    Score is eight pages.
    Chrom.  Gr. 4
    Danish text. Worked with Stockhausen, progressive composer.
  • Plaetner, Jørgen   Duetter for clarinetter, Op. 73   1992
  • Pade, Steen   Wolle die Wandlung    1978
    Mezzo sop./cl
    Text by R.M. Rilke.  Second movement is for mezzo and wind quintet. Total duration 5'40".
  • Roikjer, Kjell   Chaconne for clarinet og harpe, Op. 47   1959
    "For Birthe and Hilmar"  Roikjer was a percussionist.
  • Rosenberg, Kai   Sonate for Klarinet og cello, Op. 70
  • Ruders, Poul   Alone     1992
    Score is two pages.
    Chrom.  Gr. 4 
    Text by Edgar Allan Poe.  Written for Mary Wiegold and Alan Hacker.
  • Tanggaard, Svend-Erik   Humoreske for Klarinet og Fagot   1987
    One movement.
    Atonal  Gr. 5   ms in collection of Jørn Nielsen; plans to publish.
    Tanggard is a jazz drummer.
  • Tanggaard, Svend-Erik   Koncertstykke for 2 Basset horns   2006
    Three short movements.
    Score is six pages.
    Atonal  Gr. 4   ms in collection of Jørn Nielsen; plans to publish.
  • Weis, Fleming   Studier for soprano og klarinet   1976
    Score is five pages.
    For Kirsten Frellsen and Michael Børresen.
    Weis studied clarinet with Aage Oxenvad.
  • Weis, Fleming   (no title)-piece for two clarinets
    Three movements.
    Three pages.
    Tonal  Gr. 3  
    Weis studied clarinet with Aage Oxenvad. 
  • Wellejus, Henning   Træ for to(sic) for klarinet og fagot, op. 41
    Three movements.
    Clarinet part is five pages.
    Chrom.  Gr. 4  Bb Cl  Samfundet
    Written for clarinetist Niels Thomsen. In Danish, Træ means wood(wind). This is a pun on Tre meaning three. 
  • Holmen, Jesper Henrik   Shawm II  1997
    Bass cl/live electronics
    Recommended by Anna Klett.
  • Siegel, Wayne   Jackdaw    1995
    Bass cl/computer 
    Tonal  Gr. 4
    Rhythmic, easy to listen to.  Recommended by Anna Klett.
  • Back, Kåri   Trio
    3 basset horns.
    Composer from Faeroe Islands.
  • Bentzon, Jørgen   Racconto Nr. 3, Op. 31 for Oboe, Clarinet og Fagot  1937
    One movement.
    Score is eight pages.
    Tonal  Gr. 4  A Cl   Skandinavisk   1937
  • Bentzon, Jørgen   Racconto Nr. 4, Op. 45 for Violin, English Horn and Clarinet  1944
  • Bentzon, Jørgen   Sonatina Op. 7 for flute, clarinet and bassoon   1924
    3 movements.
    Chrom.  Gr. 5  Bb & A Cl   Skandinavisk   1948
    Written for Jespersen, Aage Oxenvad and Lassen.
  • Bentzon, Niels Viggo   Prolog, Blomster, Epilog, Op. 617 A, B, C
    Sop., cl, pn
  • Bentzon, Niels Viggo   Trio (cl, vc, pn), Op. 134    1961
    Three movements.
    Clarinet part is 14 pages.
    Chrom.  Gr. 6   Hansen
    Handwritten score.
  • Bisgaard, Lars    Baslastico for klarinet, horn og fagot   1981
    Three movements.
    Clarinet part is 8 pages.
    Chrom.  Gr. 4  Library of Royal Conservatory (probably published)
    Mixed meter.
  • Bjerres, Jens   Trio
    fl, cl, bssn
  • Fievé, Peter   Trio
    cl, va, pn
  • Graugaard, Lars   Encircled Trio for Bb Clarinet, Viola and Piano   1988/93
    14 page score.
    Atonal  Gr. 5
    Commissioned with support from the Danish Arts Foundation.
  • Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, Pella   Spejlstykker/Mirror Pieces   1980
    I. quarter=60  II. quarter=60  III.quarter=60
    Atonal  Gr. 5  Bb Cl   Samfundet  
    Even though tempo is the same for each movement, greatly varying note values/rhythm. Written for Den Fynske Trio.
  • Hartmann, Emil   Serenade pour Clarinette (ou Violon ou Viola), Violoncello et Piano, Op. 29
    I. Idyll  II. Romance  III. Rondo-Finale
    Score is 29 pages.
    Tonal   Gr. 4  A Cl 
    Lived from 1836-1898, son of composer Johan Peter Emilius Hartmann.
  • Hegaard, Lars   The Four Winds, Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano   1984
    I. East -quarter =60. II. North -quarter =108. III. West -half=54. IV. South -quarter=72.
    Atonal  Gr. 6   Bb Cl   Samfundet  1990
  • Holmboe, Vagn   Eco, trio for Clarinet, Cello, and Piano, Op. 186   1991
  • Holmboe, Vagn   Rhapsodic Intermezzo, Op. 8    1938
  • Holmboe, Vagn   Serenade 1935
  • Holmboe, Vagn   Trio, Op. 137   1978
    Five movements.
    Clarinet part is ten pages.
    Chrom.  Gr. 5 
  • Højsgaard, Erik   Fantasy Pieces (Fantasistykker) for Clarinet, Cello and Piano  1982-84
    I. Allegro impetuoso II. Inquieto III. Lento, teneramente
    Atonal  Gr. 6  Bb Cl   Hansen   1987
    Dedicated to The Funen Trio.
  • Koppel, Anders   Capriccio   1999
    2 Cl/bass cl.
    Performed by Trio Chalumeau, former clarinet section of Odense Symphony Orchestra: John Kruse, Kennet Larsen and Rene Højlund.
  • Koppel, Herman   Tema med Variationer for Obo, Klarinet og Fagot
  • Koppel, Herman   Trio for Clarinet in A, Cello, and Piano, Op. 115   1986
  • Koppel, Herman   Trio for Violin, Clarinet in A, and Cello, Op. 11   1931
  • Kuhlau, Friedrich [arr. by Blatt] Clarinet Trio
    Handwritten manuscript parts (old) at Music Museum, Copenhagen.
  • Larsens, Svend   Trio for clarinet, cello, and piano
  • Lorentzen, Bent   Mambo  1982
    Clarinet part is 11 pages.
    Tonal   Gr. 6   Hansen
    Written for Jens Schou.  Some multiphonics.
  • Lorentzen, Bent   Siv Vand og Måne   1997
    Version A for mezzo sop, cl, pn
    Version B for mezzo sop, cl, hrp
    Library of Royal Conservatory.
  • Lund, Gudrun   Clarinet Trio  1978
    Two movements.
    Chromatic  Edition Lund
  • Lund, Gudrun   Talks, op. 136  1993
    I. Learning something II. Politicians III. Sad news IV. Solving problems
    Twelve pages.
    Tonal  Gr. 4   Edition Lund
  • Maegaard, Jan   Trio for obo, clarinet(A) og fagot   1950
    One movement.
    Clarinet part is four pages.
    Chrom/atonal  Gr. 5   Samfundet
    Neo-classical rhythms, clarinet cadenzas.
  • Nielsen, Svend Hvidtfelt   Fable for Clarinet (and bass cl), Violoncello and Piano  1990-91
    24 page score.
    Atonal  Gr. 5   Samfundet
    Flutter tongue. Begins with bass clarinet.
  • Nielsen, Tage   Improvisation og Fuga    1983
     for klarinet, cello og klaver
    Score is seven pages.
    Gr. 4   Samfundet
  • Nordentoft, Anders   The Nervous Saurian for clarinet, cello and piano   1989/92
    (Clarinet Trio no. 1)
    Molto ritmico (con molto forza, brutale)/Molto Calmo e intimo/Nervoso ma ritmico/Maestoso, con molto forza
    189 measures
    Atonal  Gr. 6  Bb Cl   Hansen   1995
  • Nørgård, Per   Lin (Approach)   1986
    Trio for clarinet (doubling Clarinet Basso), violoncello and piano  Maestoso/Pesante molto/Subito meno mosso/Subito con moto/Poco piú tranquillo, quasi Largamente/Piú Lento/Andante espressivo
    c. 16'
    Atonal  Gr. 5  Bb Cl   Hansen   1988
    Title taken from I Ching. "Trio moves from dense polyphony and rhythmic ambiguity to more open, lyrical soundscape." Recommended by Anna Klett.
  • Nørgård, Per   Trio for Clarinet, Violoncello and piano, Op 15
    Four movements.
    Score is 35 pages.
    Chrom.  Gr. 5  A Cl   Hansen   1958
  • Nørholm, Ib   Trio, Op. 13   1957
  • Nørholm, Ib   Essai Réfléchi, Trio pour Clarinette, Violoncello e Piano, Op. 100   1986-87 
    Three movements.
    Score is 35 pages.
    Atonal   Gr. 6  Bb/A Cl   Kontra Punkt
    Handwritten score.
  • Olsen, Poul Rovsing   Prolana, Op. 33   1955
    Serial work.
  • Rasmussen, Karl Aage   Encore VIII (Fugue)   1984
    On the Fugue of Beethoven's Opus 106, for clarinet, vibraphone and piano
    Maestoso/Meno/Tempo I/Presto Possible/Tempo I
    511 m. 
    Tonal   Gr. 5   Bb Cl    Hansen
    Composition begun in Rome.
  • Rasmussen, Sunleif   The Dance of the Raindrops
    A Cl   Samfundet
  • Riisager, Knudåge   Conversazione fra oboe, clarinetto e fagotto, Op. 26a
    Three movements
    Chrom.  Gr. 4  A Cl   Engstrø & Sødring Musikforlag  1965
  • Riisager, Knudåge   Variationer for Klarinet, viola og fagot, Op 4   1923
    Eight movements.
    Chrom.  Gr. 4   Samfundet
    Composed in Paris.
  • Ruders, Poul   Vox in Rama (Frustration)
    Recommended by Anna Klett.
  • Schmidt, Ole   Trio
    Eb cl/Bb cl/bass cl
    Now lives in France.  Performed by Trio Chalumeau, former clarinet section of Odense Symphony Orchestra: John Kruse, Kennet Larsen and Rene Højlund.
  • Sehested, Hilda   Fynske Billeder   1920
    (1858-1936) Had a teacher in common with Carl Nielsen.
  • Tanggaard, Svend Erik   2 Scherzi for 3 Bassethorns    2006
    Crom.  Gr. 6   ms in collection of Jørn Nielsen; he plans to publish.
    Includes altissimo A's.
  • Tarp, Svend Erik   Taffelmusik  1932
  • Werner, Sven Erik  Music in Stykker (Pieces) [in pieces, broken]
    Eb cl/Bb cl/bass cl
    Second movement quotes J.S. Bach Trio Sonata. Performed by Trio Chalumeau, former clarinet section of Odense Symphony Orchestra: John Kruse, Kennet Larsen and Rene Højlund.
  • Werner, Sven Erik   Siv, vand og måne
    mezzo sop, cl, pn
    Gr. 6   Samfundet
  • Weis, Fleming   Musik for tre Træ-blæseinstrumenter   1930
    Score is 10 pages.
    Chrom.  Gr. 5  A/Bb Cl   Samfundet
    Weis studied clarinet with Aage Oxenvad.
  • Weis, Fleming   Musik 1927
  • Bentzon, Niels Viggo   Quartetto for Clarinet, Violin, Viola and Violoncello, Op. 566  1993
    Commissioned by clarinetist John Kruse, clarinetist, Royal Danish Orchestra. Bentzon is great-grandson of J.P.E. Hartmann (1805-1900).  N.V. Bentzon is cousin of Jørgen Bentzon (1897-1951).  Recorded by John Kruse.
  • Blak, Kristian   Svabo
    Four movements.
    Blak is from the Faeroe Islands. Jens Chr. Svabo [1746-1824] was a Faeroese researcher and scientist who learned to play violin while studying in Copenhagen.
  • Brene, Erling   Try Stykker Kammermusik, Op. 6   1927
    fl, ob, Bb cl, bssn Manuscript score (no parts) in library of Royal Conservatory. They can print copies.
    Style closely related to Carl Nielsen.
  • Fievé, Peter   Quartet
    sop. rec., cl, vc, pn
  • Fundal, Karsten   Traces for clarinet, violin, cello and piano  1995
    Allegro moderato ma fluente e transparente/Piú lento, cantabile con tenerezza/Tempo I, pesante/Piú lento/Poco piú animato/Senza misura
    c. 10'
    Atonal  Gr. 5   Bb Cl   Hansen   1998
    Commissioned by the Borealis ensemble with support from NOMUS, the Nordic Music Committee. Very clear compositional process. 
  • Hallager, Andreas   Quartet for 4 Clarinetter
    Hallager made an arrangement in 1835 of Kuhlau's Ouverture til Skuespillet William Shakespeare. At Music Museum, Copenhagen. Cl. 4 missing.
  • Hansen, Flemming Christian   Prélude, estampie et fugue   1996
    Cor ingl/bass cl/bssn/sop sx
    Hansen is an organist and amateur clarinetist.
  • Hartmann, Emil   Quartett Nr. 1 for Clarinett, Violin, Viola og Violoncell. (A major)
    Idylle, Elegie, Rondo
    A Cl  Manuscript of score and parts in Royal Library digitized collection.
    Alternate Bb clarinet part for Elegie movement. Hartmann lived from 1836-1898.
  • Hartmann, Emil   Quartett Nr. 2 for Clarinett, Violin, Viola og Violoncell. (Bb major)
    Allegro tranquillo, Romanze, Menuetto, Finale
    Bb Cl 
    Manuscript of score and parts in Royal Library digitized collection. Hartmann lived from 1836-1898.
  • Holmboe, Vagn   Fanden løs i vildmosen [The Devil to Pay in the Marsh], Op. 106a  1971
    Cl/2 vn/db
  • Holmboe, Vagn   Quartetto medico, Op. 70  1956
    Five movements.
    Score is 18 pages.
    Chrom.  Gr. 4   Hansen   1962
  • Jersild, Jörgen   Fantasia e canto affetuoso per flauto, clarinetto, violoncello e arpa
    I. Fantasie sopra unmotto
    II. Canto affetuoso con metamorfosi
    Score is 36 pages.
    Atonal  Gr. 6   Hansen   1974
    Jersild's Wind Quintet is better known.
  • Koppel, Herman D.   Variazioni Libère for Two Clarinets, Bass Clarinet and Percussion, Op.98  1976
    Allegretto/Allegro/Vivo/Brioso/A la marcia/Molto vivace/Adagio/Allegro dinamico
    Commissioned by the former clarinet section of the Odense Symphony Orchestra. Recorded by John Kruse, clarinetist, Royal Danish Orchestra.
  • Kuhlau, Friedrich [arr. by Blatt?]  Clarinet Quartet
    Arranged from E minor flute quartet. Handwritten manuscript parts (old) at Music Museum, Copenhagen.
  • Lorentzen, Bent   Samba   1980
    Performer score is 18 pages.
    Tonal  Gr. 6   Hansen
  • Lund, Gudrun   Clarinet Quintet for Clarinet and Strings, Op. 52   1998
    Four movements.
    Score is 25 pages.
    Tonal  Gr. 5   Edition Lund
  • Maegaard, Jan   Musica Riservata II (1976) for oboe(Cor Ang), cl(Bb&A), saxophone(alto and baritone), and bassoon
    Four movements.
    Atonal  Gr. 5  Bb/A Cl   Samfundet
    Play from score.
  • Nielsen, Carl    Humoresque-Bagatelles op. 11 arr. for fl, 2 cls, bssn by Tor Mann
    Six short movements.
    Tonal  Gr. 4   Hansen   1974
  • Olsen, Poul Rovsing   Concertino, Op. 73  1973
  • Rasmussen, Sunleif   Mozaik/Miniature 1999
    fl, cl, vn, pn
    Capriccioso/Animato e Espressivo/Dolente
    c. 7'
    Crom.  Gr. 5  Bb Cl
  • Riisager, Knudåge   Kvartet for fløjte, obo, clarinet og fagot, Op. 40a
    Three movements.
    Chrom.  Gr. 4  A Cl  Samfundet  1951
  • Riisager, Knudåge   Sonate for Flûte, Violon, Clarinette et Violoncello, Op. 15  1927
    Three movements.
    Chrom.  Gr. 4  A Cl   Hansen
    Premiered 1929.
  • Rosing-Schow, Niels   Voix Interieures for clarinet, violin, cello and piano  1990-91/92
    c. 20'
    Atonal  Gr. 6   Bb Cl   Hansen   1993
    Commissioned by and dedicated to Capricorn. Due to rhythmic complexity, conductor would greatly facilitate performance. Clarinet part includes flutter tongue, glissandos, several quarter tones and multiphonics. Highly recommended by Anna Klett.
  • Sehested, Hilda   2 Songs   1910
    (1858-1936) Had a teacher in common with Carl Nielsen.
  • Tarp, Svend Erik   Morgenserenade  1941
  • Weis, Flemming   Serenade (Wind Quartet)
  • Weis, Flemming   3 studier   1977
  • Wieth-Knudsen, K.A.  Quartett für 4 Klarinetten, op. 44
    I Andante con molto/Poco meno mosso/Allegro con brio. II. Adagio con duolo. III. Allegro
    Score approx. 28 pages.
    Chrom.  Gr. 4  A Cls   Edition Skanton, Berlin  1956
  • Abrahamsen, Hans   Landskaber [Landscapes] Wind Quintet No. 1  1972
  • Abrahamsen, Hans   Walden, Wind Quintet No. 2    1978
    A modern classic. Arranged for ob/2 cl/ a sax/bssn 1995.
    Very good composer, does not write much.
  • Bentzon, Jørgen   Variazioni Interrotti, Op. 12  1926
    for cl, bssn, vln, va, vc
    Seven page clarinet part.
    Chrom.  Gr. 4   Hansen   1928
  • Bentzon, Jørgen   Racconto Nr. 5, Op. 46 for Wind Quintet   1945
  • Bentzon, Niels Viggo  Wind Quintet No. 5, Op. 116
  • Christiansen, Henning   ? for clarinet and string quartet
    Anna Klett recommends as a beautiful long work, not too difficult. Written for a film.
  • Holmboe, Vagn   Aspekter [Aspects], Op. 72   1957
    Wind quintet
  • Holmboe, Vagn   Notturno, Op. 19   1940
    Wind quintet
  • Holmboe, Vagn   Quintet, Op. 10   1936
  • Holmboe, Vagn   Serenade, Op. 3   1936
    Fl/cl/str trio
  • Holmboe, Vagn   Wind Quintet   1933
  • Høffding, Finn   Familien vind for wind quintet, Op. 53   1954
  • Høffding, Finn   Wind Quintet, Op. 36    1940 
  • Koppel, Herman D.   Biocattolo, op. 125  1993
  • Koppel, Herman D.   Sonatina for Wind Quintet, Op. 16    1932
    Written for wind quintet with Aage Oxenvad.
  • Nielsen, Carl   Wind Quintet, Op. 43   1922
    Tonal   Gr. 5   A cl
    Written for Royal Danish Wind Quintet with Aage Oxenvad. 
  • Nielsen, Carl  Serenata in vano  1914 
    Bb cl, hrn, bssn, vc, cb   
    Allegro non troppo ma brioso/poco lento/Un poco adagio/Tempo I/Tempo di Marcia   
    Cl part is two pages.
    Tonal  Gr. 4   Skandinavisk   1981
    Written for quintet that included principal clarinet of Royal Danish orchestra Carl Skjerne, Aage Oxenvad's teacher.
  • Nørgård, Per   Mystik Morgen  2000
    SATB/bass cl
    Anna Klett recommends as a beautiful piece. Written for Jens Schou.
  • Nørholm, Ib   Preludes to a Wind Quintet, Op. 53   1971
  • Rasmussen, Sunleif   Det muntre Nord  2000
    SATB/bass cl
    Anna Klett recommends.
  • Rosing-Schow, Niels   Double
    Recommended by Anna Klett.
  • Simonsen, Rudolph   Klarinet Kvintet   1929
    Bb cl, 2 vn, va, vc
    Three movements.   I. 28 pages in score.  II. 12 p.  III. 34 p.
    Denner Edition  2008 
    Manuscript score and parts in library of Royal Conservatory.
    Simonsen was former director of Royal Conservatory, succeeded Carl Nielsen.  Style closely related to Carl Nielsen.
    Written for Aage Oxenvad.  Has been recorded.
  • Syberg, Franz   Quintet   1931
    Three movements.
    Clarinet part is five pages.
    Tonal  Gr. 4
    Syberg was from Funen. Quintet performed at ISCM in London and Nordic Music Days in Copenhagen.
  • Syberg, Franz   Wind Quintet  1940
  • Sørensen, Bent   Mädelein for Wind Quintet
    Pic/fl/alto fl, ob, Eb cl, hrn, bssn
    I. Lento/Misterioso/Capriccioso/Molto Calmo II. Energico leggiero con tranparenza III. Serenade
    Atonal  Gr. 5  Bb/A Cls
    Mostly extremely quiet yet active music. Recommended by Anna Klett.
  • Tarp, Svend Erik   Serenade for Føjte, Klarinet, violin, viola and violoncello  1930
    Three page clarinet part.
    Chrom.  Gr. 3   Samfundet
    Dedicated to composer Knudåge Riisager.
  • Westergaard, Svend   Woodwind Quintet No. 1  1948
  • Westergaard, Svend   Woodwind Quintet No. 2  1949
    Good piece.
  • Westergaard, Svend   Tema con variazioni  1949
    Cl, 2 vn, va, vc
  • Weis, Flemming   Serenade "Uden reelle hengsigter" for wind quintet  1938
  • Weis, Flemming   Sonatine for Klarinet med obligate Strygere
    cl, vn, va, vc, cb
  • Weis, Flemming   Tema con variazioni for woodwind quintet   1945
  • Bruun, Peter   Quest for chamber ensemble  1996
    Pic/alto fl, cl, vc, electric gtr, percussion (anvil, gongs, tomtoms, cym., 2 tub. bells, cow b., trgl.), piano
    I. quarter=72/120/48/72 II. quarter=72 III. quarter=36-40 (only 15 measures)
    Tonal   Gr. 5  A Cl   Hansen   2001 
    Harmony based on drones G# Phrygian -Asian modal. Much mixed meter; use conductor.
  • Holmboe, Vagn   Sextet, Op. 114   1972-73
    Fl/cl/bssn/str trio
  • Koppel, Anders   Portrait for alto flute, clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello & piano
    (Original version)
    Andante/Piu mosso/Tempo I/Andante adagio/Piu mosso/Meno mosso/Andante adagio/Poco piu mosso/tranquillo/Poco piu mosso/Andante adagio, appassionato/Agitato/Poco meno mosso/Piu mosso ma tranquillo/Piu mosso/Andante adagio/lento
    c. 15'   Score is 59 pages.
    Atonal  Gr. 6  A Cl   Hansen   1998
  • Koppel, Herman D.   Sekstet for Piano, Fløjte, Obo, Clarinet in A, Corno og Fagot, Op. 36  1942
    Three movements.
    Clarinet part is 8 pages.
    Tonal  Gr. 5  A Cl   Skandinavisk  1947
    Neoclassical, mixed meter. Dedicated to Blæserkvintten of 1932 with Aage Oxenvad.
  • Lund, Gudrun   Variations and Theme for Clarinet and Strings   1997
    Cl/String Qrt/Double bass
    Score is 13 pages.
  • Koppel, Herman D.  Wind Octet, op. 123  1991
  • Syberg, Franz   Octet for Winds  1941
  • Bentzon, Niels Viggo   Clarinet Concerto, Op. 269    1970-71
  • Bentzon, Niels Viggo   Kammer-Koncert für Solo Clarinet und Kleine instrumental-ensemble, Op. 578
    Bb Cl
  • Bentzon, Niels Viggo   Koncert for 3 Klarinett with Percussion, Op. 375
    Eb, Bb, bass.
  • Brene, Erling   Kammerkoncert for klarinet og strygeorkester  1971
    With string orchestra.
  • Holmboe, Vagn   Concerto No. 3, Op. 21    1940
    Recommended by John Kruse, clarinetist, Royal Danish Orchestra.
  • L(?)yberg, Franz  ?Concerto (for A cl., untitled)    1931?  
  • Ruders, Poul   Clarinet Concerto
    With string orchestra.   Recorded on Unicorn. Recommended by John Kruse, clarinetist, Royal Danish Orchestra.
  • Schmidt, Ole   Chamber Concerto for Clarinet and Small Orchestra  2007
    Recommended by John Kruse, clarinetist, Royal Danish Orchestra.
  • Schultz, Svend S.   Concertino  1982
    With string orchestra.
  • Weis, (Carl) Flemming   Concertino for Clarinet and Strings  1935
    Studied clarinet with Aage Oxenvad.
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