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PSYC 653: Practicum in School Psychology (2nd year)

This graduate level course (two semesters) is designed to enable students to provide school psychological services in a school or other applied setting. Under the supervision of a practicing psychologsit, graduate students explore school psychological services. Students are expected to spend a minimum of one day per week in their designated field and attend weekly meetings to discuss their experiences and professional issues. Second year practicum introduces students to the complexities and subtleties of a multi-tiered system of assessment and intervention with a focus on literacy.

PSYC 225: Lifespan Development: Childhood through Adulthood

This undergraduate course describes the behavioral development of an individual from conception through adulthood. The course focuses on the biological, motor, cognitive, social and personality characteristics at various stages of development.


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Director of Clinical Training, School Psychology Program
Psychology Department

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