Christine K. Malecki, Ph.D.

Dr. Malecki joined the Psychology faculty in Fall 1999. She served as a practicing school psychologist in Carroll, Iowa for Heartland Area Education Agency 11 for two years before coming to NIU. She is clinically licenced and is the Director of Clinical Training for the School Psychology Program. She teaches the second year of School Psychology Practicum each semester. She has authored and co-authored many peer reviewed journal publications, and has presented her research at a number of professional conferences throughout her career. Her research interests include the study of students' perceived social support and how that support is related to their adjustment and academic achievement, how social support is important for both victims and bullies, and curriculum-based measurement (CBM) in reading and written language. She is also interested in the relationship between social context and academic achievement and innovative school psychology delivery services.

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Christine K. Malecki, Ph.D.

Professor, Psychology
Program Director, School Psychology Program


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Master of Arts in School Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ph.D. in School Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Christine K. Malecki, Professor
Director of Clinical Training, School Psychology Program
Psychology Department

Office: 312 Psychology
Phone: (815) 753-1836
Fax: (815) 753-8088