Sample Portfolio Layout 2

Sample Assignment Artifact

Blackboard assignments can easily be included as artifacts demonstrating competence

Assignment: Program Evaluation Plan (Attempt 1)

Any assignment that a student has previously completed and submitted in a Blackboard course is available for the student to include in their portfolio, complete with any and all assignment submission information, comments and feedback from the course instructor, and even a completed assessment rubric (if the instructor chose to grade the assignment using a rubric in Blackboard. Clicking the sample assignment artifact "Program Evaluation Plan (Attempt 1)" above, you can see an example of a completed Blackboard assignment that was included as an artifact.

Below is the options menu that is shown to students when adding a course artifact to their portfolio, demonstrating the various assignment options that are available for the student to include they wish.

assignment options to include

This footer area can be fully customized by the student or omitted if desired.