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Welcome to my portfolio!


This is an example of a portfolio. Portfolios use evidence of your education, works samples and skills to tell a carefully crafted story to the world about who you are and what you can do. Portfolios contain an organized collection of artifacts to tell that story. Portfolios can include text, photos, audio, and creative and tell your story of your accomplishments!

Show the world what you can do


You can use more than one portfolio to tell more than one story.

Create one portfolio to track your research and another to display your writing. Combine them both into one larger, successful journalist story.

Share your portfolios as evidence to your current skills and future potential. Use them to apply for jobs, promotions, college, to show a transferable skill, and to track personal development.

To learn more about creating and sharing your portfolios, see Create Portfolios and Share Portfolios.

Sample Section

Portfolios are comprised of pages, sections, and artifacts. On each page, you can include as many sections as you wish, to help organize your work.

More information about Blackboard portfolios is available here

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