5 NIU Graduate Assistants

Graduate Student & Assistantship Recruitment Program (GSARP)
at Northern Illinois University

  • M.S.Ed. in Counseling & Adult and Higher Education (CAHE)
  • Graduate Assistantships in the Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

GSARP welcomes incoming graduate students who will be new to the CAHE program in fall 2014 and are seeking an assistantship in the Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management.

GA Interview Day welcomes graduate students who are currently enrolled in the CAHE program and are seeking an assistantship in the Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management (SAEM), as well as current Graduate Assistants in SAEM who are seeking a different assistantship in SAEM for the next academic year.

GSARP 2014 is complete.  Dates for GSARP 2015 are March 13 & 14

The Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management and the Counseling, Adult & Higher Education (CAHE) graduate program are hosting a Graduate Student and Assistantship Recruitment Program (GSARP).

NIU’s collaboration between a vigorous academic program and a hands-on practical experience yields successful and effective Student Affairs & Enrollment Management practitioners. The two-day program introduces students to essential program information and introduces them to many faculty and staff members. Prospective graduate students will also be asked to interview for graduate assistantships within the Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management.

Participants Will Have Opportunities To:

  • Learn more about the CAHE graduate program
  • Interview for assistantship positions
  • Interact with current graduate students and candidates from around the nation
  • Meet and interact with CAHE faculty and Student Affairs & Enrollment Management staff
  • Learn more about financial aid opportunities
  • Tour the DeKalb community and the NIU campus

While there is no limit on the number of assistantships for which applicants may request interviews, demand that an assistantship generates will dictate offering departments' ability to grant interviews. We will do our best to schedule applicants for as many interviews as possible.

Applicants to the Counseling, Adult & Higher Education academic program are required to submit GRE or MAT scores.  It is not necessary that GSARP participants have completed their application to the Counseling, Adult & Higher Education program prior to the Preview Weekend event.  However, by starting the application process, participants will experience fewer delays during the offer/acceptance period. 

Please note that there is a rolling admissions process in the Adult & Higher Education (AHE) program; although the deadline to apply to the AHE program is July 1, 2014, the program will accept students until they are full for fall 2014, which may result in the program being full before the July 1, 2014 deadline.

For graduate students enrolling in the Counseling program, please note that the deadline to apply for fall 2014 was February 15, 2014.  Candidates who are not admitted or who have missed the deadline to apply to the Counseling program and who do not intend to apply to the AHE program will not be eligible to attend GSARP.

The following links will provide you with additional information as you prepare for GSARP:

  • The frequently asked questions page has information about lodging, parking, and much more. When GSARP 2014 dates are finalized, this page will be updated.
  • Our Graduate Assistantships page contains information on which assistantships are available. 
  • The GSARP Photo Gallery has pictures taken during GSARP.
  • The Photo Tour will help you find the opening session and will introduce you to other locations relevant to GSARP.
  • View the 2014 weekend schedule. (PDF)
  • Articles for the mock classes will be available to download as GSARP 2015 approaches.
  • See what alumni of the GA Experience have to say about their time at NIU.

If you have any questions, please call Angela Branson at (815) 753-6112 or e-mail her at abranson@niu.edu.

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