Exploring Psychology


Behavioral Neuroscience

Behavioral neuroscience explores the regulation of behavior through processes within the brain. For example, neuroscientists are interested in how different chemicals and structures within the brain contribute to human emotions, social behavior, memory, and development. Psychologists in this area study both normal brain functioning and when brain processes go wrong, as with many types of mental illness. Behavioral neuroscience forms the basis for many professions related to the brain, such as pharmacology and neuropsychology, and it influences the way we think about virtually all areas of psychology today. Studying behavioral neuroscience is excellent preparation for work in the fields of pharmaceutical science, nursing or medical science, and veterinarian science. At NIU, we offer several courses that provide a strong background in behavioral neuroscience, and we have several faculty who specialize in this area.

Core Courses:

  • PSYC 300: Introduction to Brain and Behavior
  • PSYC 431: Physiological Laboratory
  • PSYC 481: Drugs and Behavior