Dr. Kim Potowski

"No Child Left Monolingual: How to Promote Linguistic Diversity in the USA"


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"The Role of Student Affairs in Supporting College Student Readiness and Success"


Dr. Sonya Armstrong

"The Past, Present, and Future of Professional Development and Credentialing for College Reading Educators"


Dr. Laura Ruth Johnson, Elizabeth Hoffman, Graciela Arellano, & Jason Jimenez

"The Use of Community-Based Research and Civic Engagement as Preparation for College: The Sustainable Democracy and Portfolio Assessment Projects"


Dr. Cynthia Shanahan

"How do we get them ready for college?"


Dr. Hugh Catts

"Language basis of reading comprehension difficulties"


Dr. Pamela Hadley and Dr. Matthew Rispoli

"Grammatical development in the third year of life: Individual differences and input effects"