500MHz NMR

500 MHz NMR spectrometer

The Avance III 500 instrument can be configured with a 5 mm BBFO probe (Z-gradient) which is tunable from 109Ag to 19F, or a 5 mm TXI (X,Y,Z-gradient) probe for inverse detection of  1H/13C/15N. For larger sample volumes, this instrument can also be equipped with a 10 mm BBO probe which is tunable form 109 Ag to 31P.

The 500 MHz instrument has gradient capability and is equipped with a variable temperature controller using either a BCU (down to -5 oC) or a liquid nitrogen evaporator.

Variable temperature experiments can be run considering probe limitations. The sample temperature range not be exceeded is:

  • BBO and BBFO probe:  -120 oC to + 150 oC.
  • TXI (X, Y, Z gradient) probe:  -50 oC to + 80 oC.

For experiments exceeding the temperature limits of plastic spinners (-50 oC to + 50 oC), ceramic spinners must be used.