Online Financial Forms


NIU Financial Management System Forms

Below are business forms for submission of financial transactions to the Financial Management System. These are Excel and Word files. View directions about downloading and saving online forms.

Accounting Forms

ACH Application Form  (pdf) Rev. 02/19/15

Authorization to Travel  (xls) Rev. 01/13/03

Check Request  (xls) Rev. 07/01/11

Credit Card Journal  (xls) Rev. 07/14/08

Group Travel Advance  (xls) Rev. 02/24/09

Independent Contractor Certified Work Statement  (xls)
Rev. 07/19/10

Independent Contractor Questionnaire  (pdf)
Rev. 07/19/10

Interagency Journal  (xls)
Rev. 07/24/07
-- Instructions (doc)

Interdepartmental Sales Journal  (xls)
Rev. 02/09/07
-- Instructions (xls)

Journal Entry - Long (xls)
Rev. 02/09/07

Journal Entry - Short (xls)
Rev. 02/09/07

Payroll Transfer Journal  (xls)
Rev. 06/12/07
-- Instructions (doc)

Procurement Card Journal Entry Form  (xls)
Rev. 07/21/10
-- Instructions (doc)

Procurement Card Equipment Form  (xls)
Rev. 06/16/10
-- Instructions (doc)

Petty Cash Advance (doc)
Rev. 03/08/04

Scholarship Form (xls)
Rev. 11/19/14

Scholarship Form - Foundation (xlsx)
Rev. 03/23/15

Student NonEmployee Travel Event Request Form (xlsx)
Rev. 06/01/12

Travel Voucher  (xls)
Rev. 02/11/15

Working Funds Advance (doc)
Rev. 03/08/04

Accounts Receivable/Student Loans

Add Customer  (xls)
Rev. 02/12/07

Customer Invoice  (xls)
Rev. 04/24/07

Budget Office Forms

Budget Transfer  (xls)
Rev. 07/20/07
-- Instructions (doc)

Cost Center Information (xls)
Rev. 07/13/06

Foundation Support (Fund 55) Budget Transfer  (xls)
Rev. 07/20/07

-- Instructions (doc)

Procurement Services Forms

Purchase Requisition  (xls)
Rev. 02/06/14
-- Instructions (doc)

PCard Account Holder Application (pdf)
Rev. 10/03/13

PCard Departmental Liaison (pdf)
Rev. 10/13/14

PCard Transaction Log - Word (doc)
Rev. 03/06/09

PCard Transaction Log - Excel (xlsx)
Rev. 01/31/13

Procurement And Payment To Suppliers Without A Purchase Order (pdf)
Rev. 07/09/15

Sole Source Form
Rev. 3/12/14
-- Sole Source Justification Suggestions (doc)

Shipping Ticket Form (xls)
Rev. 05/08/12

Conflict of interest Review (doc)
Rev. 02/11/11

Tax Exempt Certificate (doc)
Rev. 01/2/15