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Steps to Study Abroad

Steps to Study Abroad

The Study Abroad Office encourages all NIU students to consider the opportunity of studying abroad. Our Office is here to assist you with all of your questions and to provide information about study abroad programs that meet your financial and academic requirements. 

We have outlined the general steps for studying abroad. Please note that the "Steps to Study Abroad" document is based on a recommended timeline.  We know that some students begin to research their study abroad options at different points throughout the academic year, and that some students plan their study abroad program in a shorter duration of time. Please use these steps as a way to familiarize yourself with the resources that are available to you as you consider studying abroad. 

Also note, that some steps are required, while other steps are recommended. We encourage you to complete all of the steps, so you can make a researched and informed decision that will help you select the best study abroad program for you. Browse through the "Study Abroad Steps" and please contact our Office with any questions that you may have.