Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Northern Illinois University?

2. Do potential campers need to be residents of Illinois?

3. What is required in order to apply for camp?

4. Do the camp fees cover everything?

5. Are discounts available?

6. Are there payment plans or is full payment required at the time of application?

7. Does NIU provide any financial aid or scholarships for campers?

8. If NIU is not providing financial aid for a camp I am interested in, where can a camper look for financial support?

9. Who are the counselors at the camp?

10.  How big are the camps?

11. Are all camps residential? May campers leave at night and come back in the morning?

12.  Do campers stay in the residence halls on campus?

13.  What should campers bring to camp?

14.  What should campers NOT bring to camp?

15.  When and where should campers arrive at camp?

16.  Will Sunday dinner be served to campers?

17.  What can parents and campers expect upon arrival Sunday evening?

18.  Is there an end of camp presentation or ceremony?

19.  When and where should campers depart camp?

20.  Where do we park to pick-up or drop-off campers?

21.  What if a camper needs to be picked up early?

22.  If NIU STEM will be picking up my teen at O’Hare International Airport or another location, what time should we plan for his or her arrival?

23.  What is a typical schedule for a camp?

24.  My child has food allergies, how will that be handled?

25.  What if my child becomes sick while at camp?

26.  What are the evening activities?

27.  Who do I contact for additional information?