Recitation and Office Hour Request Form

Graduate Teaching Assistants

Please complete the following form.


  • In the box below, list your request for office hours in the following format:
    (example: MWF 10-11:30 DU 374).
  • Include all times you are available - list the times in the order of your preference.
  • Also, list times you are NOT available for office hours. 


  • A full-time assignment = four office hours per week - one hour a week for office hour and three hours will be spent in the Statistics Assistance Center (SAC*);
  • half-time = two hours per week - one hour a week for office hour and one hour will be spent in the SAC*.

*The SAC is located in DU 326.


In order to confirm that we have your correct contact information on file, please provide the information requested below.


Telephone: Can this be given to students?


We MUST be able to contact you. Please stop by DU 366 and verify your e-mail address and phone number with Shannon, by January 17, 2017.

Please list the courses in which you are enrolled below; use the following format -

Course #; Section #; Days; Time; Room # (i.e., STAT 593-001; MWF; 12-12:50; DU 322).

Use one line per course:


The deadline to submit this form is due by 2:00 pm on December 19, 2016.  This information will be used to post your recitations, office hours and the SAC assignments - please submit this form as soon as you possibly can, your prompt attention to this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help gathering all this information!!

Hope you all have a great spring semester!