TSIL (Two-loop Self-energy Integral Library)

picture TSIL is a library of utilities for the numerical calculation of dimensionally regularized two-loop self-energy integrals. It is written in C, and can be linked to C/C++ and Fortran applications. The authors are Stephen P. Martin and David G. Robertson. TSIL is free software, released under the GPL.

The paper announcing and describing TSIL can be downloaded from the hep-ph preprint archive as hep-ph/0501132.

The source code for the current version (v1.45, June 18, 2020) of the program can be downloaded here as a gzipped tar file: tsil-1.45.tar.gz. This unpacks into a single directory, which contains the C source files and a README.txt file with complete instructions for building and using TSIL.

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To see the changelog from previous versions, click here.

The README.txt file is here.

An archive of older versions can be found here.

For applications to the Standard Model Higgs, Z, W, and top-quark masses, look at SMDR.

For an application to the computation of the gluino pole mass, look at gluinopole.

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