Alejandra Ceja

Dear Parents,

We invite you to watch a brief testimonial video by Alejandra Ceja. Alejandra Ceja has been the executive director of the White House initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics. The White House appointed her in 2013. Alejandra Ceja has focused on improving academic achievements of Hispanic citizens. In the video, she describes the important role her parents and education played in her life.

Alejandra Ceja - the Executive Director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics.

This is Alejandra Ceja’s story in her own words:

Parents are the first teachers of their children. They have a very important role. For me the support of my own parents was what launched my career.

For me my parents have been the inspiration that motivated me to fight for having education that allows me today to work in the White House and represent our community. Represent my family.

People never believe my father when he says that he has a daughter who works in the White House. They would ask him if I was working there as a maid. They couldn’t believe that the daughter of a Mexican could be working with the President. I hope this interview will serve as a proof that my father was telling the truth. Anyone can make the way out of poverty. No matter where you come from with education we can all move forward.

On my desk I have a picture of my parents from the time when they visited the White House. If I have a bad day then I look at the picture and I find the strength to continue fighting.

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