Recital and Concert Information

Parents and performers, please read the following information. You will find a list of recitals and concerts, along with dates and times, on the CSA calendar. If you have any questions about which recital/s you are performing in, call the office at (815) 753-1450. 


Unless otherwise instructed by your teacher, be sure to arrive at the performance hall at least 10 minutes before the start of your recital. You will be asked to sit in the reserved section of the hall, usually in the front on the left, in the order in which you are performing, so be sure to pick up a program on your way in or look for your name on a seat. You will move to the stage area when the previous performer has finished and sat down. After you are finished with your performance (don’t forget to take a bow!), you may either join your parents in the audience or sit in your original seat. 

Recital Etiquette

We encourage families to bring their children to recitals, but ask that you be willing to leave the hall immediately if a child becomes restless or noisy. We ask that you sit with your child at all times and if you think he or she may need a break from the recital, sit in the back of the hall for a quick and quiet exit. As you know, our performers have worked very hard on their pieces and deserve a quiet, attentive audience. Please, no flash photography while students are playing.


Most recitals end with a reception and performers are asked to bring food to pass, either a plate of cookies, vegetables, fruit, or crackers and cheese. A table will be set up in the Concert Hall or Recital Hall lobby and you can drop off your plate before the recital; look for a sign on the table identifying the recital. Be sure to take your plate when you leave! Thanks for your cooperation with this. 


See below for details on accompanists. Unless your child is enrolled in the Suzuki violin program, you are expected to pay the accompanist directly for this service; you should discuss the fee ahead of time. Please take care of this as soon as possible to allow time to schedule a rehearsal.

Accompanist List for CSA Recitals 

The following people have agreed to be on the accompanist list and may be available to play for you at your recital. Please make arrangements directly with the accompanist. It is recommended that you contact an accompanist well ahead of time. 

For Showcase recitals and other end-of-semester recitals, accompanists charge approximately $25 for one rehearsal and the performance, although costs may vary depending on the difficulty of the piece. 

Soo-Yon Choi

Kyeongji Koh

Sangwon Moon

Ahhae Song

Hannah Wood

Dain Yoon