You can be anything you want to be.

You have it in you: the drive to make a difference, the commitment to your goals and the willingness to go after it with everything you’ve got.

Wondering which degree will best suit you? That’s where we can help. Starting to figure it out is as simple as asking yourself:

What do you want to be?

You’re adaptable and open to change.

We have plenty of programs for those who are always moving, who look for new ways to do things and inspire others to grow.

Be a Visionary

If you love thinking outside the box and can see yourself learning in experimental laboratories, choose a program that will teach you the theory you need to put your talents to work producing the technology of the future.

Suggestion: Major in Mechatronics

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Be Expressive

Do you enjoy creating your own artwork from your own ideas? You can learn about the theory behind art in all its forms and further develop your practice and your natural talents as part of our lively art community.

Suggestion: Major in Studio Art

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Be Dynamic

If you are committed to your wellness and the well-being of others, consider teaching children the strong habits and good attitudes necessary to support lifelong health.

Suggestion: Major in Physical Education

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Still looking for inspiration?

Learn more about all the majors and minors NIU offers you.

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