Jason Rhode, Ph.D.


Sample Video Embedded in Page

This is an example of an unlisted YouTube video embedded directly in a portfolio page.

Sample Video Artifact

Sample Video Artifact - YouTube

Sample Video Artifact - direct file upload

This is an example of the same video as an artifact in two different formats: 1) a video that was first uploaded to YouTube as an unlisted video for embedding, and 2) a video that was directly uploaded as an artifact into Blackboard. Click the "Sample Video Artifact - YouTube" or "Sample Video Artifact - direct file upload" buttons above to view. The major difference between video as an artifact versus just embedding in a page is that students can add choose with the artifact to include comments from their instructor and grading rubrics used if they wish.

Artifacts open in a new tab/window, so that the viewer can focus on that particular artifact, separate from the entire portfolio.

Sample Photo Embed

Images can easily be included in portfolio pages or separate artifacts.  Here's an example of just a single photo embedded in a variety of different layout options...

Large photo, left aligned (875 pixels wide)

student working on laptop

students in computer labSmall photo, right aligned, text floating to the left. Just placeholder text here...Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin non leo molestie, vestibulum diam vel, dapibus eros. Curabitur efficitur neque malesuada odio venenatis, sit amet maximus ligula tincidunt. Vestibulum commodo purus vel sapien ornare, et imperdiet ipsum egestas. Quisque elementum ante vel ornare sodales. Maecenas et cursus nulla. Integer eget eros lacus. Integer magna felis, sollicitudin sit amet consectetur eu, sodales vitae diam. Donec vel nisi eget sem pellentesque pretium sit amet a nunc. Aliquam odio erat, fermentum in ligula sit amet, venenatis lacinia sapien. Sed vel enim non felis pellentesque accumsan. Pellentesque eu metus ipsum. Donec imperdiet, tellus eu auctor dignissim, dolor felis pulvinar quam, ut ultricies nisl orci viverra urna. Vivamus aliquam velit blandit orci vestibulum sollicitudin. Integer vel leo eu ante laoreet pharetra. Nam lacus massa, facilisis quis pellentesque quis, hendrerit quis justo. Aenean non malesuada leo.

Sample Audio Artifact

Sample Audio Artifact - direct upload

This is an example of an audio file (mp3) artifact added to a page. Here on the page the student would add their reflections about the performance, and the reviewer could then click the "Sample Audio Artifact - direct upload" button above to listen.

Sample Assignment Artifact

Assignment: Program Evaluation Plan (Attempt 1)

Any assignment that a student has previously completed and submitted in a Blackboard course is available for the student to include in their portfolio, complete with any and all assignment submission information, comments and feedback from the course instructor, and even a completed assessment rubric (if the instructor chose to grade the assignment using a rubric in Blackboard. Clicking the sample assignment artifact "Program Evaluation Plan (Attempt 1)" above, you can see an example of a completed Blackboard assignment that was included as an artifact.

Below is the options menu that is shown to students when adding a course artifact to their portfolio, demonstrating the various assignment options that are available for the student to include they wish.

artifact options to include

Contact Jason at jrhode@niu.edu or 815.753.2475