Kerry Sagebiel
Ph.D. University of Arizona, 2005

Dr. Sagebiel is the Co-Director, Ceramic Analyst, and Laboratory Director for the Ka’Kabish Archaeological Research Project (Director, Dr. Helen Haines, Trent University, Canada) near Indian Church, Belize ( Her research at Ka’Kabish is concerned with the circumstances of the founding, growth of social complexity, and abandonment(s) of Ka’Kabish as related to its place in the social, economic, and political landscapes and entanglements of North-central Belize. This includes work on boundary maintenance and social and political emulation, accommodation, and resistance as reflected in ceramics. Dr. Sagebiel has also conducted research on Maya ceramics at the sites of La Milpa, Blue Creek, and Gran Cacao, Belize and San Bartolo, Guatemala.

Dr. Sagebiel has also worked as an applied archaeologist in the field of cultural resource management (CRM). She was Office Director and Project Director for Statistical Research, Inc., in Arizona where she was involved in a variety of archaeological research projects throughout the American Southwest. These included site survey and excavation, ceramic analysis, historical-period artifact analysis, collections curation standards, and Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) projects. Dr. Sagebiel also has a continuing interest in the study of historical-period stoneware pottery in Texas.


ANTH 102 Rise of Civilization

ANTH 210 Exploring Archaeology

ANTH 414/514 Archaeology of Mesoamerica

ANTH 415/515 Archaeology of the American Southwest

ANTH 453/553 Archaeological Theory

ANTH 469/569 Archaeology of Empires

ANTH 491/591 Ceramic Analysis



National Geographic Society Research and Exploration Grant, Investigations into Social Stratification and the Dynamics of Early State Formation: Excavations at the Ancient Maya Site of Ka’Kabish. Dr. Helen R. Haines, Trent University, Peterborough, Canada, Applicant; Dr. Kerry L. Sagebiel and Dr. Jaime Awe, Collaborators. $20,164 U.S. dollars.

Selected Academic Publications

Pending publications

Haines, Helen R., and Kerry L. Sagebiel

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Selected Cultural Resource Management Publications


Sagebiel, Kerry L., Marcy Rockman, Michael P. Heilen, and Amanda C. Cannon

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