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Phone Reporting

Call the NIU Tip Line at (815) 753-TIPS

What happens when I call Tip Line?

All calls are processed by trained Tip Line operators. You do not give your name, and you will be assigned a code to ensure your anonymity. You are only asked to give the information that you feel comfortable providing; you will never be required to answer any questions that you do not want to answer.

Below are some examples of the questions an operator may ask. You do not need to know all of this information to make the call.

A general description of what happened

  • Location
  • Date
  • Nature of the incident

Information about the Suspect(s) – if known

  • Sex
  • Height & weight
  • Race
  • Distinguishing marks, clothing, jewelry, etc.
  • Address, phone number
  • Any additional information you feel is important

The description of any vehicles involved, if applicable

  • Make & model
  • Color & distinguishing markings
  • License plate (tag) number

You may also be asked some additional questions for clarity.

At the end of the call you will be given instructions for future contact, so that, in the event that your information leads to an arrest or finding of guilt, you can claim your reward. Since Tip Line is anonymous & confidential there is no way that we can get in contact with you, therefore you will be told when you can call back to learn the status of your case, and to get details on to how to receive your cash reward. When you call you will identify yourself through your code number only.

Code Numbers are the only way Tip Line knows who you are. The number you are given is known only to yourself and to the Tip Line operators. We suggest that you write down the number and keep it in a safe spot. Do not share this number with anyone.

If you call Tip Line and get voice mail you may leave a message including any of the above information that you know. DO NOT leave your name or phone number. You can call back within the next few days to get a code number during Tip Line’s operating hours. In the meantime we will start work on your case.