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Teacher Licensure in Science Application Instructions

Application Period

Applications to the Teacher Licensure Program in Science (Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science Geology/Earth and Space Science, or Physics) at NIU should be submitted during the spring semester. The recommended application period begins January 15th and extends through May 30th. The 2 year certification cycle of professional education courses begins in the fall. Teacher preparation candidates that have been accepted into the program begin their professional education coursework in the fall semester only. Science teacher candidates complete the program at the end of a spring semester when the majority of jobs are available.

Most students apply in the spring of their sophomore or junior year depending on how many courses they have remaining for their degree in the science discipline.  It is possible to take some courses outside of the courses required for licensure in the first 3 semesters of the licensure sequence.  Meet with the Science Education Coordinator if you have questions regarding when to apply.

  • Complete the application page. Type directly on the form. Provide all the requested information above the line.  You will not be able to save the information.  
  • Obtain copies of all your undergraduate transcripts from all accredited institutions you have attended. Transcripts need not be official at this time.
  • Complete the Self Evaluation page. 
  • Send or deliver the application, transcripts and self-evaluation to:
    Professor Jon Miller, Program Director
    452 Montgomery Hall
    Northern Illinois University
    DeKalb, IL 60115
  • Make three copies of the letter of recommendation page.  Print your name on the line at the top of each of the pages. Circle your major (Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geology/ Earth and Space Science or Physics). Select three professionals (teacher, instructor, employer/supervisor, etc.) who you feel would honestly evaluate your teaching characteristics. It would obviously help if they had seen you in a setting in which you were doing something related to teaching. Examples of such settings would be working as a teacher’s assistant in middle school or high school, teaching in church or synagogue, volunteer work, tutoring, swimming lessons, or coaching sports, etc. If you honestly feel you would be a successful teacher, it can only be assumed that some evidence of a positive experience exists to support that idea.
    Give the three people the letter of recommendation form with your name on it and an addressed (to program director) stamped envelope. Instruct them to complete the form, write their signature across the seal on the back side of the envelope and mail it.

Please contact your discipline advisor with any questions.

Quick Links:

Download the .pdfs, type into the forms, print, and mail in your completed forms.

Application to the Program

Self Evaluation Form

Letter of Recommendation Form