Non-profit Management - a study of the unique challenges posed by the administration of nonprofit organizations in both the domestic and global contexts, including communication and promotion, fundraising and grant writing, and intersectoral collaboration with public and private sectors. 

Course Requirements:

  • PSPA 624 - Resources Management for Nonprofit Organizations
  • PSPA 626 - Non-Governmental Organizations and Governance
  • PSPA 656 - Management for Not-For-Profit Agencies
  • PSPA 695 - Internship in Public Administration
  • Three additional semester hours of approved graduate study

"My experience in this program has been overwhelmingly positive.  I find myself engaging in conversations about public policy or non-profit funding with confidence for example. I appreciated the teamwork aspect of the program.  This helps me engage in groups and with peers at work.  The experience of presenting material proved valuable in my internship as well as volunteer groups described earlier in this survey.  Shyness has always been a barrier for me to overcome and I needed presentation experiences this program provided in the classroom. Valuable and relevant experiences were shared by each professor.  Hearing how theories were tested by them in the field increased understanding of application.  Using the most recently published articles as classroom material also kept students informed of trending theories.  Ultimately this degree is going to help me achieve my dreams. Thank you for imparting your wisdom to each one in the program, we are all better for it."