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Faculty and Staff Directory

Full-Time Faculty

Aaron M. Deslatte, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Administration. Ph.D. Florida State University. Local government management, urban policy, sustainability. Office: IA 208. (815) 753-6145, adeslatte@niu.edu

Heidi O. Koenig, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Syracuse University. Public Administration Theory, Bureaucratic Politics, Public Management, Quantitative Methods & Program Analysis, Public Administration & Law. Office: IA 213, (815) 753-6167, hkoenig@niu.edu

Michael T. Peddle, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Northwestern University. Public Administration, Public Finance, Public Policy. Office: IA 204, (815) 753-6146, mpeddle@niu.edu

Gregory A. Porumbescu, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Seoul National University. Information and Communications Technology, Transparency and Accountability.  Office: IA 211, (815)753-6147, gporumbescu@niu.edu

Alicia M. Schatteman, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Rutgers University. Nonprofit Management, Public Administration, Performance Management, Public Communications, Citizen Participation and Electronic Government.Office: IA 205, (815) 753-0942, aschatteman@niu.edu

Kurt M. Thurmaier, Presidential Engagement Professor and Chair, Department of Public Administration, Ph.D. Syracuse University. Public Budgeting and Finance, Intergovernmental Relations, Comparative Public Administration. Office: IA 203, (815) 753-0311, kthur@niu.edu

Eric S. Zeemering, Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration, Ph.D. Indiana University. City management, intergovernmental relations, collaborative governance. Office: IA 213. (815) 753-2205, zeem@niu.edu


Denise E. Burchard, Assistant to the Chair, IA 202, (815) 753-6149, dburchard@niu.edu

Ellen C. Cabrera, Office Manager, IA 215, (815) 753-6142, ellenc@niu.edu