Graduate Program in Cognitive & Instructional Psychology

Cognitive Brown Bags

Held in Room 1 from 12:00 to 1:00PM

September 19, 2014 Lindsay Harris Why detecting a misspelling in lenguage is easier than in languege: Segmental and suprasegmental influences on orthographic processing
October 3, 2014 Karyn Higgs Task specificity and multiple document integration
October 17, 2014 Jim Clinton and Aidan Osterby The Role of Interactivity in Spatial Perspective Taking
October 31, 2014 Lillian Asiala, Jane Neal Lillian: Individual differences and the effect of "because" on the evaluation of scientific explanations
Jane: Project Idea
November 11, 2014 Daiv Boveri, Dylan Blaum Daiv: Dissertation Idea
Dylan: Thesis Idea