David ValentinerDavid P. Valentiner, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology

Phone: (815)753-7086
Fax: (815)753-8088
Office: PM 422
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Ph.D.: University of Texas, 1994


My research examines cognitive, emotional, and interpersonal processes related to anxiety and anxiety disorders, including social anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorders, and panic disorder. Topics include: the process of fear reduction during exposure-based therapies for anxiety disorders and during natural recovery from trauma; clinical procedures, cognitive processes, and brain functioning  involved in fear reduction and natural recovery; how social anxiety and panic disorders develop during adolescence; early intervention for social anxiety; and statistical/methodological issues in anxiety assessment and research. I am also interested in terror management theory, self-verification theory, parapsychology and pseudoscience, and antiracism.


  • PSYC 316 Introduction to Psychopathology
  • PSYC 654 Practicum in Psychotherapy
  • PSYC 672 Seminar in Clinical Psychology: Multicultural Diversity, Supervision and Consultation


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