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Physical Plant

Work Order Request Form

Please complete this form for non-emergency requests for Physical Plant craft services and material.

Who should use this form: 
Faculty and staff who require Physical Plant services for various building maintenance services (For example: Door locks, ceiling tiles, plugged toilets, etc.) 

Can I use this form for emergencies?
No. Contact our 24 hour Emergency Services department.

I am a student. Can I use this form for services for my residence hall room?
No. Please contact the Work Request Office at (815) 753-4948 or go to Residence Hall Room Repairs.

Please fill in all blank areas with the appropriate information. Do not leave any required fields (*) blank.

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Cost Center to be Billed (i.e. 02-AA12345) *

For maintenance work requests ONLY, enter "Maintenance" for the cost center. Work requests that are misidentified as "Maintenance" may be delayed during the period needed to determine the proper fund source. A list of typical billable and maintenance services is available for reference.

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For further information call 753-1741 or via e-mail at .