Graduate Study

Since NICADD staff collaborate with physicists from Fermilab, Argonne and around the world we offer excellent opportunities for students to pursue exciting new topics. Interested undergraduates can find more information HERE

Research positions for graduate students are available in a wide variety of subjects. The student may chose to research a number of beams physics topics involving the generation and dynamics of particle beams and beam diagnostics.

Alternatively, there are opportunities in development and simulation of particle detectors and the development of proton tomography. Students also may participate in the ATLAS collider experiment or the muon g-2 or Mu2E experiments at Fermilab, or in medical physics.

For more information, please contact the Dr. Dhiman Chakraborty, Director of Graduate Studies, NIU Physics Department:

Graduate Studies
Department of Physics
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115

or email