Civic Engagement Certificate


Certificate of Undergraduate Study in Civic Engagement

The Certificate of Undergraduate Study in Civic Engagement provides students with a well-rounded introduction to topics such as nonprofit organizations, public service, philanthropy, and community engagement. The certificate can be added to any major.

To complete the certificate, students enroll in 12 hours of coursework. Each class is three credit hours, so students can complete the certificate by taking a single course in each of their four years at NIU.

After completing necessary requirements, the certificate appears on official transcripts just like a major or minor. 

Fall 2014 Courses

Downloadable Certificate Curriculum

Required Courses (9 hours)

  • ANTH 329 Anthropology and Contemporary World Problems (3)
    or SOCI 392 Organizing for Social Action (3)        
  • CLCE 100 Introduction to CLCE
  • PSPA 301 Philanthropy and Volunteerism (3)

Elective Courses (3 hours)

  • MGMT 311 Social Entrepreneurship
  • MKTG 310 Principles of Marketing
  • POLS 220 Introduction to Public Policy
  • PSPA 301 Philanthropy & Volunteerism
  • PSPA 326X Nonprofit Management
    or POLS 326 Nonprofit Management
  • PSPA 328 Resource Strategies for Nonprofits
    or POLS 328X Role of Nongovernmental Organizations in Development (3)
  • PSPA 402 Resource Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations (3)
  • SOCI 392 Organizing for Social Action (3)

Not all of the courses are offered in a timely manner. The following list includes courses that may serve as acceptable alternatives with CLCE advisor approval.

Alternative Courses

  • ANTH 220 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • ANTH 426 Political Anthropology
  • CLCE 350 Community Organizations in a Digital World
  • CLCE 390 Special Topics in Community Leadership and Civic Engagement
  • CLCE 429 International NGOs and Globalization
  • MGMT 333 Principles of Management
  • SOCI 270 Social Problems
  • SOCI 375 Sociology of Organizations