McKearn Fellows

Northern Illinois University

McKearn Fellow Benefits

A McKearn Fellowship is among Northern Illinois University’s most prestigious honors. It provides an unparalleled educational experience, one that is truly world class. It carries the name of two of the university’s distinguished alumni, John and Cassandra McKearn.

The McKearn Fellows Program provides students with co-curricular and scholarship funding, academic programming, and personalized advising designed to transform their undergraduate experiences and advance their professional development.

Each McKearn fellow creates a plan of coursework and related academic and professional enrichment activities. Additionally, through cohort activities and peer mentoring experiences, McKearn fellows develop an extensive social and academic support system. They also benefit from study groups and networking opportunities.

McKearn Fellows enjoy:

  • Membership in the University Honors Program
    • Early course registration
    • Extended library privileges
    • Access to honors-only courses with enrollment caps of 15 to 25 students
    • Special recognition at Honors Day ceremony and graduation
    • Mark of distinction for graduate school or the job market
  • Career Development
    • Including internship placement, interaction with alumni mentors and personalized advising with the world-class McKearn team
  • Networking with prominent Alumni
    • Alumni volunteers host McKearn fellows at their places of business and in their homes, providing valuable networking and mentoring experiences
  • Research opportunities throughout various summer programs
  • Leadership development
    • The McKearn experiences prepare students to become leaders in the classroom, throughout the campus community and in their chosen careers
  • Participation in Honors study abroad opportunities and unique opportunities through the Study Abroad Office
  • Mentoring from junior and senior McKearn fellows
  • A transformative experience that will not only enrich your NIU baccalaureate experience but also lay a strong foundation for lifelong learning
  • Personalized advising with the world-class McKearn Team