Todd McPencow

Todd McPencow

About Todd: Going to law school had always been a passion and goal of mine, and I have aspirations of working in maritime law or as a prosecutor. In my free time I enjoy playing with my son, running, and sailing on Lake Michigan. I once sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in an amazing 16-day journey. 

Previous Legal and/or Professional Experience: Previously, I’ve worked as a Regional Manager for a Product Demonstration Company. Currently, I have been an intern at the Kane County States Attorney’s Office since December of 2013. I am currently in the Child Advocacy Center branch, but prior to August 2014 I was in the Felony division. Occasionally, I also do legal work for Mockaitis Law located in Aurora, Illinois.

Why did you choose NIU Law? Since I live with my wife and soon to be 7-year-old son in Batavia IL, choosing NIU Law was a natural decision due to its proximity to home, affordability, and offerings as a smaller law school within a big university setting.

What activities are you involved in? I'm the 2L Advisor for the Federalist Society and the Secretary of the Professionalism and Ethics Society. I am also a member of the Women’s Law Caucus, the Latino/a Law Student Association, the Criminal Law Society, the Environmental Society, the Gay-Straight Alliance and the 2nd Amendment Society.  I also serve on an advisory committee to provide input regarding the 1L Professionalism Series.

This interview was updated in Fall 2014.

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