Nathaniel Tate

Nathaniel Tate

About Nathaniel: I am the type of person who is laid-back in most situations and who enjoys having a good time and relaxing. When the tasks at hand require it, I can be extremely focused and determined. I enjoy staying active, whether that means playing sports or working out and lifting weights.  I am a very approachable person and am willing to hold a conversation in regards to any topic.

Previous Legal and/or Professional Experience: I did an internship within the legal department of Navistar, Inc. While there, I conducted research and various information-gathering tasks on, but not limited to, governmental statutes, intellectual property, international law, trade information, and the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct.

I also interned with the Seyfarth Shaw law firm and worked primarily with their labor and employment law department, where I assisted attorneys in preparation for a pro bono suit for wrongful termination. I also did research on a multitude of topics that pertained to various areas of labor and employment law. At times, my research included looking up statutes and information in the law firm's library on my own or in conjunction with the law librarians.

What activities are you involved in? I am on the boards of the Delta Theta Phi legal fraternity and the Trial Advocacy Society, and I am also Vice-President of the Black Law Student Association. In addition to those organizations, I am a member of the Women's Law Caucus, and I am a Kaplan student representative.

What do you like most about being at NIU Law? The thing I like most about the NIU College of Law is that the professors are friendly and responsive to the students' needs. On many occasions, I have been able to approach a professor outside of classroom time to discuss class-related material or even to just talk about things going on in my life or theirs. I also like the students that attend NIU Law. Traditionally, one hears stories about how students in law school are just concerned with being number one and will forsake everyone else to accomplish that; NIU has a different atmosphere than that.  The students all want to succeed and to be successful, but they are all willing to help each other to do so.

This interview was conducted in Fall 2011.

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