Matt Goodman

Matt Goodman

About Matt: I have been married for 2 years to my wife who is a dental hygienist in North Aurora.  I have a strong passion for music, so in my free time I enjoy playing in my band, teaching guitar lessons, and honing my own skills as a musician.  I also enjoy watching movies, keeping fit at the gym, and spending time with family.   

What activities are you involved in? During the Spring 2013 semester I participated in Moot Court. 

Have you taken part in any internships, externships, or assistantships, or other professional positions since starting law school? Prior to my acceptance into law school I was a retail store manager at Starbucks Coffee. The summer following my 1L year, I worked as a law clerk at a personal injury law firm in Chicago. Currently, I am working as law clerk for a family law firm in the northwest suburbs.    

What do you like most about being at NIU Law? NIU Law’s faculty is extremely approachable. They genuinely want their students to become successful attorneys. The skills-based classes that NIU Law offers really demonstrate the school's commitment to preparing students for real legal work upon graduation. Additionally, NIU Law’s location and close proximity to Chicago is invaluable because it provides students with the ability to network within one of the largest legal communities and gain the experience necessary to become a successful attorney. 

This interview was conducted in Summer 2013.

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